Two weeks and a day. Any predictions?

In two weeks, plus one day, we’re going to know 95% of the people running on the ballot this year, excepting those few stragglers who will be sending in their petitions via registered mail.

Aside from Democrats falling woefully short of the 105 people Ann Tornberg boasted would be running on the Democrat ticket for legislature, does anyone have any predictions?

8 Replies to “Two weeks and a day. Any predictions?”

  1. Anonymous

    Change your legal name to Anon Ymous and circulate some petitions. People will vote for you

  2. Politico

    I predict we’ll see many new faces when all is said and done. The Governor’s liberal positions on Medicaid expansion and education, in addition to his aligning with the ACLU on the transgender bathroom bill will significant impact on the 2017 legislative makeup.

  3. Travis

    The Dems will attempt to send their two nails-on-the-blackboard candidates back into the arena. Tyler and Wismer are both running.