The Facebook thread with Senator Stan’s rant has disappeared…but not before this post script was added….

Well said Kevin…..I couldn’t agree more.

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  1. Spencer

    One of the great advantages with social media is that we can now watch Stan stoop lower in real time. He really should consider live streaming everything he ponders…of course it would have to be time delayed for censorship and content purposes.

  2. Bill Fleming

    Watch Stan stoop? Don’t you mean watch you and Kristi snoop?

    Hey, SA’s certainly not the first one to drop the “F” bomb to drive home a point.

    Nor, I suspect, will he be the last.

  3. feasant

    I am sitting here with my mouth hanging open. Really, Really Stan. Do you need to use the F-bomb, really.

    Attacking Eric Bogue? He is a great person and I wish I was of his caliber.

    Stan’s Family, I hope you get him medical treatment, I think he has a medical issue.

    1. dissident

      Oh, give it a rest: you can be assured that Professor Adelstein can afford better psychoanalysis than some respondent in a red state blog can provide. Your analyst would likely tell you to get a life.

  4. yoyoyoyoyo

    really cant belive people are really getting all that hot and bothered about it…oh man i wonder how apeshit heads would go if obama dropped one.

        1. grudznick

          I’m on your side on this one, young Mr. Fleming. By the way, did you get to see Bob’s grand opening? I bet there were some Fbombs dropped there. And rightly so.

      1. Bill Fleming

        Do you think it’s good manners to read other people’s Facebook dialogue and publish it, Kristi?

        1. Kristi Golden

          If it was a private exchange then I could care less….but it wasn’t private….it was open to all those folks who were friends or friends of friends on Facebook. If it was a private exchange…feel free to work in profanity the way other artists might work in oils or clay……but it wasn’t private.

          1. Bill Fleming

            I thought we were just talking about manners, Kristi. on’t you think it’s rude to publish a conversation between two people without asking. Hint: if you would have asked them, guess what their answer would be. I only bring it up because you’re telling us what good manners you have. I say that’s BS. if you think it’s rude to show people the ‘f’ word on the Internet, why did YOU do it. next thing you know you’ll be showing us how rude people who publish bestiality pictures are. Who do you think you’re fooling’, Kristi?

        2. Les

          There once was a man named Daniel Ellsburg, most likely the reason we left Nam in as timely fashion as we did. Bless his heart and the courage that took.

          For some reason I feel you might support Julian Assange as well???

          I doubt Stan is as upset with Kristi as some here are.

  5. Duh

    I don’t know how many times I’ve read Billy bitch about someone’s bad language (i.e. non pinheads), but I guess in this case it doesn’t matter. Frankly, profanity is proof of the lack of intelligence. That would sometimes make me at the level of an eggplant. It sure beats “air quotes” though.

  6. PlanningStudent

    Seriously though, Kristi did you have Mr. Lawrence’s permission before writing your article. His facebook page is set to private (not just private but like uber private) so that not just anyone can see his conversations, postings and what not. Only people he has designated as his friends can see those things.

    I am FB ‘friends’ with Mr. Adelstein so I’m unaware of his privacy settings, they may be similar to Mr. Lawrence’s which just doesn’t make this any better for you.

    Lets just say that you had permission to re-post this stuff it still saddens me that you found it newsworthy. This website used to be relevant…

  7. Duh

    Planning Student. You’re serious right? Facebook, sheilded or not, is public domain. Apparently people don’t listen to their mothers in that you shouldn’t write anything you don’t want the whole world to see.

  8. PlanningStudent

    Duh, my personal policy is to no write anything on FB I wouldn’t want the entire world to know and I have my privacy settings set pretty high..

    Doesn’t change the fact that Kristi shouldn’t have re-posted from someone’s FB page without their permission especially because Mr. Lawrence’s has privacy settings that indicate he doesn’t want the outside world to have easy access to view his page..

    And it still doesn’t change the fact that this is one of the least newsworthy posts on this blog!

    1. duggersd

      PS, if you do not want your conversations taped, do not say them in public places. If you do not want what you type repeated, do not say them in places that are open to the public. I am not all that familiar with Face Book. I can say though that I have never been quoted in that forum. I cannot count the number of times I have read or heard about something that someone posted on Face Book or Twitter and then regretted it.

  9. yoyoyoyoyo

    I seriously doubt there is any legal ramificaiton to taking someones post of FB or any other blog sight and reposting somewhere else. Don’t think there is much in the way of right to privacy there…although FB is having all those privacy issues. I’ve got a friend getting divorced and his lawyer told him stay off FB…pics, messages, all this stuff can be used in court against the parties and if deleted FB can be subpeoned to provide the content anyways. I was going to use a bunch of profanity here but i think my spelling of subpeena is proof enough of my intelligence level.

  10. Duh

    FB has torched so many lives through those individuals’ own hands. Divorce attorneys, employers, the government, school administrators, perverts, private investigators all go to FB first to get the dirt firsthand from that person’s own words. I guess everyone wants to feel relevant (i.e. blogs included) but don’t bitch if your own words get turned against you. Frankly, because most people have little self-control, I think the medium is dangerous, overused and damaging.

  11. Les

    I’m guessing if there is any chance of a story on a public servant involved in bestiality, Kristi won’t be fast enough to headline that over the likes of any for profit news service out there.

    This reminds me of the Noem speeding tickets, it’s only news if you keep stirring in new ingredients in defense. As a friend of Stan, you should let it die.

  12. dragonfly.blue

    Honesty must have left the Facebook site.

    Either Stan Adelstein or someone else decided he can?t say anything he pleases, to anyone he pleases, or anywhere he pleases.

    The usage of a repeated vulgarity doesn?t give much credence to his argument, and it?s exceedingly unprofessional in his position as a state senator.


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