Unclever Dems go after Noem

The Dems really think they are on to something here. I can’t believe the petty stuff they are coming up with.

Only Democrats would think there is something wrong with our congresswoman being on national tv. And honestly I don’t ever remember Stephanie Herseth Sandlin getting on the news to advocate for SD. Herseth Sandlin was either afraid to promote the Democratic agenda or she wasn’t as popular as Kristi. You can decide.

9 Replies to “Unclever Dems go after Noem”

  1. Anonymous

    Petty is too polite of a term for them. Anyone can take a picture of an empty chair, and it doesn’t look like the other chairs were occupied either. What they are implying, that she is not working, is down right slanderous!

    By being on FOX, and CNN, and local KSFY the people can see what she is saying even out in Washington. It is the same as what she says back here. And what she says and does is why she will be reelected probably by a very wide margin.

    If the Dems had an issue, they would be attacking her on it.

    1. Anonymous

      When were the interviews made? Not while they were in session.

      When you are in committee, you don’t have to waste all the committee members time by just talking to hear yourself speak or to say something that has already been said.

      No contradiction there.

  2. Stace Nelson

    LtGov Michels addressed the delegates and the governor had the Friday night supper; however, I did not see the governor at the convention itself. Sen Thune had breakfast with some of the convention attendees; however, he did not address the convention delegates nor stick around as your are complaining of Congresswoman Noem.

  3. anon

    The dems come up with some meaty campaign issues, don’t they?

    Last time it was speeding…that didn’t work so well either, did it?

    1. Les

      I wouldn’t be too proud of the GOP performance here, with a depth of talent and ability, we send Noem. Nothing new there, she was a proven vote before she left Pierre.

        1. Anonymous

          I think it means she votes conservative most of the time which evidently Les doesn’t agree with, but I and most South Dakotans do.