Union County GOP Announces Union County Fair Straw Poll Results

Union County GOP Announces Union County Fair Straw Poll Results

The Union County Republicans proudly announce the results of the Union County Republican Straw Poll, conducted among attendees of the Union County Fair for who they preferred in the Republican primaries for Governor and Congress.

“We do realize the poll might not be entirely scientific,” Union County GOP Secretary Merle Pochop admitted. “We allowed any interested party who attended the fair to cast a ballot. This might include Republicans, Democrats, kids, and various 4-H contest entrants. We do admit that some Democrats may have inadvertently decided they wanted to find out more about voting for the Republican candidates, since state Democrats showed up a day late, set up a video at their fair booth with no personal exchanges.”

The Union County GOP Straw Poll results are as follows:



The Union County GOP also announced the winners of the drawings for the raffle. Debbie Pease won the Kristi Noem autographed cowboy hat, and Milt Ustad is the proud owner of a John Thune autographed basketball.

The Union County GOP encourages all voters to participate in the process, and looks forward to everyone stopping by the booth again in 2018.

Read the original facebook post here. 


The Union County GOP edited the original post and added in the numbers voting in the post:

SHANTEL KREBS 26%/8 votes
DUSTY JOHNSON 74%/23 votes

LORA HUBBEL 7%/2 votes
MARTY JACKLEY 32%/10 votes
TERRY LaFLEUR 0%/0 votes
KRISTI NOEM 61%/19 votes

11 Replies to “Union County GOP Announces Union County Fair Straw Poll Results”

  1. Thomas

    Like I’ve been saying, SD Republicans vote for the most highly visible person with an “R” by their name….even if they are progressive RINO’s. Noem fits the description and has a horrible conservative rating in Congress, yet she’ll probably be our next governor and continue down the big government progressive path set by her predecessors Daugaard and Rounds.

  2. GOPer

    Looks like Ann Tornberg failed to do much at her hometown county fair- much like her failure to do much for the state democrat party

  3. Anonymous

    Wow! The gap between Jackley and Noem surprised the heck out of me. I thought it would be much closer but this is just a small poll so it probably may be different state wide.

    Hubbel/Ravensborg at 7% seems awfully high.

    1. Chris

      Jackley is the only one doing something about EB5 and Gear up. They are federal programs funded by Congress, yet Congress and Dept of Justice did nothing. However, I wouldn’t be surprised is Noem tries to play politics with the issues.

  4. Anonymous

    More evidence Mr. LaFleur should save his money and his time and not run…ZERO votes. I mean even random odds gets you one normally but I am sorry that is sad.

    I have nothing against the man, but I do not support a state income tax and I do not like seeing anyone be embarrassed by not getting on the ballot.

  5. Yankton GOPer

    How many people took this “poll”? I am surprised the release doesn’t include total number of voters. Percentages are misleading for small sample sizes. At least they reveal democrats or kids could vote in it.