Update to the tale of the tape….

Last week, we noted that Democrats had an unusually low number of people with petitions in. And it’s not that much better this week.

Right now among legislative races, Republicans are fielding 27 Republican Candidates in Senate races, with several facing off in primaries, and Democrats are up to 14 candidates as we head into the final week.  On the House side, Republicans have 60 candidates to Democrats’ 25.

At 39 candidates total, while it represents a doubling of the candidates they had a week ago, this leaves Democrats still woefully short of the 105 candidates that Ann Tornberg had promised her party followers.

While Democrats added twenty in the last week, the GOP added 25 from their previous week total of 62 to bring the total up to 87.

2 Replies to “Update to the tale of the tape….”

  1. MC

    This week will be the most telling. The Deadline is 5:00 PM Tuesday to have petitions postmarked. We know it will take a few days to get through them all.