US Senate Candidate Gordon Howie’s blog promoting ‘immigrant zones.’ Racist blog posts could be problem for Howie.

Over at Gordon Howie’s blog “The Right Side,” after a several month break, they’re promoting racism again.

Brad Ford, who we’ve taken the bark off of in the past in back for his racist statements, and whom Howie continues to endorse through giving him a forum, has penned a piece about restricting immigrants to the US to immigrant zones:

Restrict Immigrant Quartering to Liberal Communities

The same holds for immigrants today. “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore” the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor proclaims. Fitting. Let those do the quartering who really want to empty out the shanty towns from Third World countries across the globe, to bring them to the US.


People in the Northeast and on the West Coast will be that much happier with immigrants under their direct care, rather than as abstractions far from personal interaction. No need to even involve IRS appropriations from those who don’t support immigration. Doesn’t everyone have a spare bedroom–or extra money now wasted on eating out and tipping generously?

Read the racist post here.

Wow.  So immigrants are all the residents of shanty towns from third world counties, who should be quartered in immigrant zones?  Ugh. What a bunch of trash.

Brad Ford’s naked racism, and Howie’s willingness to provide a forum for it, could prove a difficult cockleburr for Howie to shake in his pursuit of the US Senate race.

The above missive wasn’t as direct as his previous one noting:

After all, isn’t the political “Iron Triangle” government, education, media, really “owned” by the Left?  Does anyone think for a minute that Western Civilization, Christianity, and traditional values will fare well under liberals of any stripe?  Gay sex will prosper, racial blending will surge, a food-stamp mentality will flourish, and harassed women will be prominent in the consumer-driven workforce-but is that really progress?

Read the original language here, from the post which Howie edited, but did not reject here.

Complaining about racial blending was bad enough, and quickly followed up by an equally offensive response to the public outrage:

I stand by everything I originally penned, though I feel like a Jew in Nazi Germany. Be assured, there?s absolutely no racial prejudice on my part, any more than the Jews themselves would have acknowledged in themselves while being led to the gas chambers.


Nature will have its way, in accordance with God the creator of the natural world. Colorblindness is the standard, not forced relationships that the media is promoting. Blacks and whites must seek each other out for purposes of human companionship. But being drenched in “race guilt” propaganda has nothing to do with choice. Does it?

As an individual, I might feel benevolently disposed toward quadriplegics, for example, but I’ll resist every other television commercial forcing me to accept an intimate relationship not on my own terms.

My beef is with White Liberals who seem to have absolute control over race in America. Social engineering reigns supreme, the Iron Triangle being the ideological headquarters of White “Plantation” owners.

Read that all here under the comment section.

Brad Ford complained he was being persecuted like a Jew in Nazi Germany for his racist comments. And then weirdly talked about TV commercials being forced into intimate relationships with quadriplegics.

All of it endorsed and published by “The Right Side”  blog’s editor in chief, and Independent US Senate Candidate Gordon Howie.

7 Replies to “US Senate Candidate Gordon Howie’s blog promoting ‘immigrant zones.’ Racist blog posts could be problem for Howie.”

  1. it's time

    Republicans should celebrate his “self deportation” from the GOP and condemn his statements.

  2. Troy Jones

    With Ford and the statement on quadriplegics, I mostly go WTF* is he trying to say?

    Howie giving him a voice, I mostly WTF is he thinking?

    In both cases, I think it is explained by going with the shortest version: “WTF”

    *World Tupid Fool: I’ll be you thought I was cussing didn’t you. 🙂

    Happy Fourth of July.

  3. Sodak No.1

    Ya gotta hand it to Howie… He knows how to pander to his supporters…. All 5% of the population of them……..

  4. Natew

    Calling other people racists? These dudes aren’t racist. This article looks like a liberal hitjob.