Varilek? Fuggedaboutit. Time for a Caption contest!

As taken in Sioux Falls Yesterday, we have a New York Resident who has a thing for Democratic Congressional candidate Matt Varilek (as opposed to Democratic Congressional Candidate Bert Tollefson).

Time for a caption contest! Put your best caption into the comment section, and as judged by me, you will win… well, you’ll win bragging rights.

My entry: Matt Varilek: A New York Liberal State of Mind.

15 Replies to “Varilek? Fuggedaboutit. Time for a Caption contest!”

  1. Seriously....

    That’s funny, just for fun I took a picture of a Noem sticker on a car with Tennessee plates. Glad I did now. I don’t work for MV at all but knew that it would come down to petty issues like this on this blog. Let’s talk about issues not license plates please.

  2. Anonymous

    Maybe the vehicle belongs to someone who moved to Sioux Falls and they are diving into politics before buying SD plates. Try thinking outside the box.

  3. watcher

    DNC paid staff requirements:
    1. You must apply the bumper sticker of your assigned candidate to your personal vehicle. (Please remember that your mileage is reimbursable.)


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