Varilek hitting the road…

Matt Varilek is hitting the campaign trail with his self titled “Meet Matt” Tour.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be criss-crossing South Dakota as part of my “Meet Matt” Tour. Each stop on the tour will feature a “meet and greet” event that is free and open to the public. From Yankton to Aberdeen, Brookings to Rapid City, and lots of places in between, I hope to be in your area in the very near future.

After speaking to several Democratic friends, I came to the conclusion they are about as excited over Varilek’s candidacy as watching paint dry. My impression is that Varilek will have a harder time gaining the support of individual Democrats than he did locking down Johnson, Daschle or Hildebrand. Maybe they’ll vote for him in the primary, but it doesn’t sound like they’ll do it enthusiastically.

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  1. Troy Jones

    Part of his problem is he has a resume that used to be the usual path. Today the voters want a new paradigm. Barth’s resume may be more what is desired, ala Noem (a life before and separate from politics).

    1. 73*

      I’m with Troy. Career pols are not what we want in SD anymore. I’m not a big fan of Noem’s work in DC but that is why I voted against Chris Nelson.

  2. anon

    Varilek is the equivalent of a Fluffer in the porn industry. Bring on the real star the dems are going to run and ditch this warm up act. Brendan or Stephanie would both likely defeat Noem in ’12 or ’14.

  3. looking ahead

    I’m not impressed by noem and her act or her joke dc staff. She is not living up to her campaign promises. She is not remotely in senator thune’s class. I don’t always agree with thune but I know he respects the constituants he serves.

  4. Varilek...Shmarilek...

    I’m hitting the snooze button on the Varilek candidacy. Wake me if SHS or Brendan Johnson get in this race.

  5. Winston

    Varilek versus Noem is nothing more than Gore versus Palin. In South Dakota, Palin wins. Democrats if they were smart would give Barth a
    try, he comes from the real world.

    1. Tea Party Baby!!!!

      Noem is all personality. Barth is not.

      If you want to get elected in SD you need to be out going and people friendly. Retail politics. Chris Nelson was real world also. You’ve still gotta have flash.


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