Varilek is in

The worst kept secret in politics is finally out. Senator Johnson’s staffer Matt Varilek has decided to “publicly announce” what he has been giving the appearance of doing for the past few months – run for congress.

And get this: Varilek, who blasted Congresswoman Noem at a Davison County Democrat meeting while working for a sitting US Senator, said he’s running partially on a platform of unity…

“Leaders who focus more on bringing people together than dividing them with harsh rhetoric while our problems just get bigger. So that’s why I’m going to join this race.”

Looks like Mr. Varilek isn’t concerned with consistency.

If his focus is “bringing people together,” why didn’t he join Congresswoman Noem and Senator Thune’s staffs in doing so while he was a staffer with Senator Johnson?

I guess Democrats are going to have to settle for bush league candidates like Varilek and Barth in 2012.

Can’t wait for the debates…

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  1. Troy Jones

    Primaries for open seats always make the process better. And it is good to see people fighting for the opportunity to be the sacrificial lamb. 🙂

  2. caheidelberger

    There is nothing inconsistent about bringing people together in agreement that the current occupant of the seat in Washington has achieved nothing this year and should be replaced.

  3. Anon

    My only question is how would Mr. Varilek rank on the Stace Nelson GOP rankings? Because clearly Buhl and Frerichs are more Republican than most, according to Stace.

    1. Ooops...

      A couple legislators made the mistake of believing that lie and spouted off online thinking they could distract from their own voting records at his expense… Rumor has it that Sen. Lederman pulled his blog post in which he whine about the report so quickly, after getting emails from those who wrote the report, that cyberspace nearly imploded.

      Keep alienating some of the most active Republicans in the state. I am sure that will hurt when it comes to the election next year.

  4. caheidelberger

    I look forward to seeing apply their analysis to Congress. I also look forward to Varilek and Barth both demonstrating that they score higher on any scorecard representing South Dakotans’ interests and values that our no-achievements Congresswoman.

    1. Anonymous

      I think a scorecard would be good for our Congressional delegation.

      Say, didn’t John Thune vote for a tax increase on the middle class yesterday? I bet representative Nelson is all over that one.

      1. Les

        I don’t know about the tax increase, but Senator Thune did vote against amendments limiting the executive branch’s authority to indiscriminately have US citizens detained without being charged or brought to trial in the Nat Defense Authorization Act.

        Great, now the US soil and the internet are part of the battlefield and any on those fields can be detained……

        I guess we lose rights under both parties in the only bipartisan effort I can see in DC beyond the corporate extortion of both parties.

        Too bad it isn’t Adam Healey running, he was Sen Johnson’s last great legis assistant.

    1. Anonymous

      And I won’t be voting for either this time. I checked the Noem box last time now I’m sitting it out other than the presidency and local races and maybe PUC.

  5. feasant

    Great, it always helps the political process to have at least 2 people in a race.

    I wish you well Mr. Varilek and I look forward to meeting you and learning more about you. Some free advice: don’t spend any extra money thinking you are going to have a paycheck as a US Rep.

  6. Duh

    Caheidlerbergerbergerwithfries. You spout: “There is nothing inconsistent about bringing people together in agreement that the current occupant of the seat in Washington has achieved nothing this year and should be replaced.”

    You must be talking about Oblabla. Simply the worst President EVER. Rating in the low 40’s which surpasses every single President in history at that current time in their term. Just this week, Oblabla essentially shut down the lighting of the Christmas tree at Rockerfeller Center due to his attendance at his 43rd fundraiser. Complete joke as is your party.

    Kristi is part of 1/2 of 1/3 of our Government. The Senate is run by your ilk and your President is nothing more than an astoundingly ignorant opportunist perpetually on the campaign trail. Nothing can get done because your Prez is NEVER home and his busy attempting to create and inflame his class warfare crap and pissing off our allies. The gaul of that moron going over to Europe to advise him on their economic policies while his own country is tanking because of his direct involvement. Nothing more than the Campaigner In Chief.

    The demo controlled Senate usually only has one comment about legislation coming out of the house – DOA. What has “Where’s Waldo” Johnson done this year? Zippo, nada, zilch. In fact, what has he done since his sympathy vote? ZERO. Your blinders as to your party’s countless faults and flawed ideology is really continually annoying, but expected.

    1. Anonymous

      So once again Duh defines the Republican party intellect.

      It is actually quite amusing that the radical right is helping the Republican party define itself. The “true believers” think this is a good thing.

    2. Anonymous

      Was that your permission slip for Kristie not doing anything other than trying to keep the pork coming home? Or was it her defiance to reckless spending on ag subsidies etc. Wait…what?

      Oh well, I’m sure she will stand on her record and not rely on empty platitudes when she runs.

      Does anyone know who she will endorse in the Presidential primary?

    1. Republican Woman

      The Auditor nomination is chosen at convention and does not play out in public like the congressional primary does. Once Barnett began campaigning for the public vote he resigned and of course won with overwhelming support.

      Barnett ran for State Auditor not Congress and Barnett was a gentleman and never went after his opponents Tim Rounds or Patricia Miller in the primary. I have never heard him have anything but kind words to say about the democratic nominee Julie Bartling.

      Varilek could learn a lot from the up and coming Mr. Barnett.

        1. anon

          If I remember right Barnett said he resigned the day after the convention.

          I don’t think Steve made his boss Senator Thune look like a fool either. (Varilek did with his Mitchell performance a month or so ago)

  7. Anonymous

    “I guess Democrats are going to have to settle for bush league candidates”

    As opposed to Stace Nelson who is quickly defining himself as the poster child of the ‘real’ Republican Party. Guessing the independent voters are gonna love him!

    Not saying Stace is bush league…those are your words. But he is the Republican grabbing the press calling his colleagues less than Republican and then crying to the media that he is the chosen one.

    Just guessing that since no one from the party has proffered an argument, it must mean that Stace is now in command.

    Sure hope that John and Kristi all meet his demands.

  8. Anonymous

    Duh are you sure your name isn’t Dud, is this guy for real or what typical right winger with blinders on reminds me of TUNE.

  9. Anonymous

    I am wondering if Varliek gets elected he will have town hall meetings so we can talk about Medicare and ssn.Im still waiting for Kristi No to have one.

  10. Lee Schoenbeck

    I think it is good that people are interested in the process, and while I have never heard of Mr Varilek, it should be fun to watch him and Barth in that primary. But the odds of one of them contending in November in that race are… well, who is he again??

  11. CharlieCoyote

    Well if MV has one meeting in SD this month or next he will have more than KN has in a year in Congress….instead she will keep up doing her $500 a plate fundraisers with Mr. Speaker….makes perfect sense if you ask me…what a joke Congress is

    1. oldguy

      Charlie that’s not true as I was at 2 meetinngs KN had in Pierre about the flood. I didn’t vote for her but I have to say she did a very good job at those. Tell me how many open meetings has TJ had?

  12. Winston

    Is Johnson planning to run for a 4th term? Why else would he allow Varilek to get in the way of his son’s (Brendan) ambitions? Using Varilek
    as a “guniea pig” against Noem to protect Tim Johnson’s right flank is
    brilliant, but ill fated. The only Democrat who can potentially compete
    for the 2014 Senate race with any success is Herseth.

    The brillance, however, assumes Varilek can win. I do not believe he
    can. His persona cannot match the attractive cowgirl qualities of Noem.
    Unfortunately, it comes down to image and not issues. Noem on a
    horse will beat the Cambridge grad very time in South Dakota.


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