Varilek not influenced by Herseth Sandlin

Just when we began to think the fractured Democratic camps were going to unite behind Matt Varilek, he went and said something he really didn’t need to say. Was the former Johnson staffer being dismissive of Herseth-Sandlin and what’s left of her dwindling influence?

“I have no idea what her intentions are,” Varilek said, adding that he is in the race to stay, regardless of what Herseth Sandlin

We’ve speculated that the Herseth Sandlin and Senator Johnson political camps haven’t always been on the best footing. Realizing Johnson is ulikely to run for a 4th term in the senate, it appears that the Johnson camp is moving quickly in an attempt to establish some sort of legacy for the Johnson political family tree. Varilek’s comments also potentially reveal they are in a hurry to fill the void Herseth Sandlin’s defeat left in the party apparatus.

Herseth Sandlin’s political career was cut short, and Senator Johnson’s appears to be nearing an end. It appears that the Johnson camp does not feel Herseth Sandlin is entitled to anything. If she wants to run for office again, it looks like there will be a clear divide in the Democratic party.

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  1. caheidelberger

    Boy, you hit extra spin on that one, didn’t you, Bill/Hans? The “divide” you would manufacture in the Democratic Party is nothing like the split you face from

    1. anon

      Nothing new about the SD GOP eating their own but there is something to be said about the SDDP realizing that SHS will not want Varilek to garner affection from the Dem base.

      This is a big election for SHS. Is she forgotten?

  2. Anonymous

    SHS knows Johnson isn’t in any condition to serve. She knows Varilek is voting for him and so are the other staff members. Johnson has become a puppet.

  3. BF

    Talking about a divide in the SD Democratic party is like filing something twice in the “Department of Redundancy Department” file.

  4. Duh

    I don’t care if Matt Varilek was influenced by Ghandi himself. He’s got zero shot and people that actually give him their hard earned money should go directly to psych ward.

    The populous is sick of the demos more than they are of any other party and the wave that took the demos out of office in the last election will wash away the rest in the next.

  5. Winston

    Democrats who support Varilek in the Democratic primary are actually
    supporting the Democratic Machine which thought it was brilliant from
    a moral stand point to not run anyone against Thune, challenge Herseth in the 2010 primary, and run two Republicans as Democrats for Governor and Lt. Governor in 2010.

  6. Anonymous

    Dud you guys are going to pick a draft dodger, for president .Glad I served but you probably like some one who ran away from duty.

  7. Anonymous

    Noem is about as nervous about Varilek as we are. I don’t plan to do a thing this cycle and Noem will still win.


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