Varilek raises $100,000 in first month

No doubt little Matt Varilek is excited following the holiday season! From the most recent Varilek for congress campaign email:

December 31st marked a crucial first fundraising deadline for my campaign.  Because of the holidays, December is a tough month for political fundraising.  But thanks to an amazing outpouring of support, we not only hit our first goal of $50,000 – we blew by our revised goal of $80,000.

Though a few December contributions are still coming in, the initial tally is clear: we raised over $100,000!

Don’t the Democratic donors know what the equivalent of giving Matt “Mr. Analogy” Varilek $100,000 in a campaign against Noem is?

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  1. 73*

    Varilek will raise money and he will be smart. He will also be very liberal. That doesn’t equal a winner.

    But he won’t be a push over like Whalen or Lien were against SHS.

    If I was Varilek I’d put my money into cheap cable tv ads and build my name id city to city and hold town halls everywhere I went.

    He might have the dusty johnson nerd quality.

    All that said he has no chance of winning.

    1. Bruce Whalen

      Thanks for the memories. But keep in mind after all things are considered for my very brief candidacy, I did as well as top tier gubernatorial candidate Jack Billion.

      It will be interesting to see just how far from the Johnson tree did Varilek fall! Especially when it comes to answering questions about support for Obama, to see any contrasts.

    1. Anonymous

      Several Johnson’s, their relatives but no Stephanie Herseth Sandlin.

      I’m surprised Herseth isn’t back in SD making a little bit of noise.

  2. springer

    “Varilek resigned from Sen. Tim Johnson?s staff last month before launching his campaign. Johnson is backing Varilek. In addition to receiving more than $10,000 in donations from Johnson-affiliated accounts, the state?s senior senator also sent out a fundraiser appeal on behalf of Varilek.”

    It’s not hard to see why he raised this amount by now. Johnson begging for donations carries more weight than the candidate himself actually earning said donations.

  3. Duh

    What a waste of money. However, this is America and I applaud the political process and people who are willing to throw cash at a candidate regardless of his “when hell freezes over” odds.

  4. Johnny Quest

    I’m going to go out on a limb and give Varilek the ability to pull down a maximum vote of 45%. That means he keeps Kristi under 60. I think that hurts her chances of becoming a US Senator.

    1. Bruce Whalen

      A packed field will hurt her chances more than anything and GOP will win the seat either way.

      And things will shake up more if John becomes the veep.


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