Varilek soliciting support

I just received a nice blue Matt Varilek bumper sticker in the mail from his campaign with a letter from former Senator Tom Daschle. (Just so Matt knows, I look to Daschle for political endorsements about as often as I’d turn to him for help with my taxes.)

This one won’t be making it on any of my gas guzzlers.

Matt Varilek bumper sticker

But, just like Matt’s candidacy, this sticker is destined to enter the dustbin of history.


9 Replies to “Varilek soliciting support”

  1. RR

    Varilek is a poor candidate. I look forward to voting against him. He has the money and the backers but he doesn’t have the charm.

    1. Anonymous1

      RR, my sources tell me that most big money people in SD and around the country aren’t going to give him much money. They are going to give it to other Democat candidates that have a much better chance of winning in Novermber.

  2. anon

    I used to believe there could be no more snide, condescending blogger on this site than Pat Powers. I was wrong!

    1. name

      I love it! Varlik is a pathetic mudslinger who rightfully deserves to be told off.

      I’ve had enough of the left in this country.

    1. toga

      Must not be the partisan junky CoryHeidlebergerwithfries thinks.

      I for instance once thought Tim Johnson was a decent representative. I voted for him until 2002. (because John Thune ran.) I didn’t vote for him in ’08 (Dykstra tempted me to vote D as in Dem).

      We have a very bipartisan attitude in SD. Johnson is not who he once was. He has lost his way or he is not competent to serve. My guess is that it’s the latter. He has become an embarasment.

  3. Anonymous

    My hunch is that Bill Clay is a former Dem who left the party many moons ago. Maybe he’s a “DINO?”


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