Varilek Ties Himself to Obamacare

Can we stick the final nail in the Varilek candidacy now?

Varilek has no reservations about voicing his support of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, legislation that Noem voted to repeal.

Varilek must have been in the bunker with Senator Johnson avoiding constituents when Johnson voted for Obamacare. He really doesn’t understand that the vast majority of South Dakotans do not support this legislation.

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        1. Bill Fleming

          In the end, I did support SHS and campaigned and voted for her as a better choice than Noem. But I remained unhappy about her position on the Health Care bill as did a lot of other Democrats, many of whom just didn’t vote because of it. It’s probably fair to say that the Dems had as much to do with her defeat as did the Repubs (many of whom would vote for her tomorrow if she would run again.)

          Even so, that was then, and this is now. New issues and priorities. Kristi’s platform last time was simple. It won’t be that way this time. She’ll be the one with a record to defend.

          1. Anonymous

            Yes SHS voted against Obamacare, but she waited ’til the very last day to tell us that. Isn’t it a coincidence the following week after the vote, that a Democrat spokesperson said Pelosi knew they had enough votes to pass it, so she allowed some Representatives, who had a tough reelection, to vote against it. Bill, you are safe to support her.

              1. duggersd

                No, Bill. You know you are full of it on this one. She waited until she knew it was going to pass and then got permission from Queen Nancy to vote against it. She voted against it hoping to be re-elected. She knew there was no chance of re-election if she voted for it. But who cares? She is not running anyway. And if this guy is going to run on that platform, well he is just cannon fodder.

  1. Anonymous

    Just guessing that Matt is smart enough to unpack the bill and campaign not on “Obamacare” but on the individual components of the bill.

    Keep in mind, many of these components have Republican origins and the past support of the two front running GOP candidates for President.

  2. RLM

    Sometimes politicians have to vote the way they feel about certain legislation, rather than if the legislation is popular or not.
    I have a feeling that some laws, if based on public sentiment might not have ever passed at all but have turned out pretty well for the good of the country. Things like the Voting Right’s Act, the Civil Rights Act are two that come to mind

  3. Duh

    I hope that MV’s all for lifting sanctions on Iran, negotiating with the terrorists, passing a mandate that 911 was a CIA conspiracy, and supporting Oblabla’s tanking of the XL project (I can’t wait for that $4 gas this summer). That will be on par with his support of Oblablacare. M-O-R-O-N.

    1. Anonymous

      Remember when Clinton was in office, 1993-2000, that both the Senate and House passed legislation to drill in a small area of the huge ANWR in Alaska? Clinton vetoed it saying that it would take so long to develop the oil field that the oil from it would not help the oil crisis of the ’90s. Sure wish we had it going now.

    2. Joe the Shitters Full

      Duh, fitting name by the way, XL would not do anything for gas prices or national security. That is just something Republicans say to get mindless flag-wavers to support stuff that is in the interest of their campaign supporters. Oil from XL still must be sold on the global market. If you really want to do something about gas prices drive a smaller vehicle and drive less. You sound like a good conservative, I’m surprised you don’t have a better hold on the free market.

  4. springer

    Actually Varilek doesn’t care what the vast majority of SD’ans support or want – he like Johnson will blindly follow their dear leader over the cliff in their support of Obama and his agenda, whatever it is. But keep up this platform, Mr. Varilek. It will serve us conservatives well!

    1. Anonymous

      Just like dear Kristi blindly follows the Republican leaders in DC? How are all those Noem town halls working out for ya? Oh, wait …

  5. eye pea

    Take a lesson from Stephanie, Mr. Varilek: run against your own party at your political peril; Noem is a weak candidate in a weak caucus destined to become the party out of power when you take the oath of office.

    Matt: where will you meet and what will you show President Obama when he visits South Dakota later this year?

  6. caheidelberger

    Final nail? What propagandistic horse hockey! You don’t even have the first nail. ObamaCare will not be repealed. It is the standing law of the land. It’s covering more people. It will reduce the deficit. It will become more more popular as it kicks in.

    And notice again that “Bill Clay” focuses on throwing mud at Varilek rather than finding anything positive to recommend the achievementless Establishment incumbent with whom he is stuck. I envy you not your position in this election. We can run on ObamaCare and win.

    1. springer

      “It will reduce the deficit.” Best joke I’ve heard in awhile. ” It will be more popular.” Next best joke I’ve heard in awhile. Yeah, if you are 26 and still on mommy and daddy’s insurance, it’s popular. If you are 65+ and due for rationing, less access to doctors (oh, and “you can keep your insurance/doctor if you like it” is another best joke), it is NOT popular and will become even more so. It’s not the GOP that is pushing granny over the cliff BTW; it’s the Dems and Obamacare, and people are very aware of it.

    2. duggersd

      One thing you are partially right about, Cory. That monstrosity of a health care law will be difficult to get rid of. The Democrats in the Senate will try to block it when the House repeals it, like they did last year. Of course, when the Republicans are in charge, they can probably do it through a budget resolution process, you know, the way they passed it in the first place?

  7. Anonymous

    dugg dems will win the house back if you bring Newt, and yes Obama care is here to say no matter what you do.

  8. Anonymous

    Seems to me we had 4 dollar gas on your pick from the South, remember those days.Thats right it was all Daschles fault.

    1. Arrowhead

      I noticed Varilek is touring the state today attempting to build up his name ID. Good for him. The better people know him the worse he will do.

      While I won’t vote for Varilek I hope he is a decent candidate. There is nothing worse than watching an elected official ignore the population they represent. For decades the incumbant breezes to reelection without a challenge in SD. It rarely happens that someone gets a good stiff challenge. Take Thune in ’10 and Johnson in ’08 or SHS in ’06 and ’08. How many years did we wait for a John Thune to come along and take on Daschle? DECADES!!!

      Noem is walking a tight rope right now where she listens to her staff or advisors tell her how much she can avoid her constituents by not holding open meetings. It’s all an election ploy designed to keep her shielded from YOU and ME! I’ve had it. It disgusts me. I supported Noem because she ran against this kind of behavior. Maybe I won’t vote for Varilek but I won’t be voting FOR Noem. I’ll be checking the R box and sitting on my ass in November.

  9. Duh

    Why is it that pinheads can’t type? “Dud by supporting Bush you helped put Obama in,and he was a real jewel wasn;t he.”

    Oblablacare is the bane of this country and those who support it are no doubt part of the 53% that doesn’t pay taxes.

    Joe, where you get your facts and your suppositions remains to be seen. ANY energy development can only help this country. There is no mandate that oil must be sold on the global market. Do you think Russia sells every drop of oil it produces in the global market? Even if it is, it would have a depressing effect on oil prices and OPEC would have to address the fact that they’re not the only game in town.

    Our idiot Prez, his inexperienced cabinet or his blood/money sucking supporters cannot fathom the idea of our country becoming energy independent, militarily strong or fiscally responsible. His agenda is counter productive to everything this country stands for.

  10. springer

    Duh, you hit the nail on the head above. Obama does not want our country to be strong militarily or economically; he DOES want us weakened and a global one-world gov’t to be put in place. That will be much easier without a strong USA.

    Obama’s agenda/Dem’s agenda is the agenda of George Soros, who is publicly advocating a one-world gov’t. He has publicly taken responsibility for wrecking other nations’ economies and he is working hard on this for us as well.

    1. eye pea

      The United States of Earth can happen in our lifetimes: Statehood for the tribes, Mexico, and Quebec.

      1. springer

        Well, well, eye pea is IP or Larry Kurtz or whatever name he likes to call himself. Garbage in, garbage out.

  11. ymous

    Just speak with small business owners, especially the democrats that own businesses (yeah, there are a few). He will have a tough time raising money (in the state) if he is going to use that as part of his platform. Bill and Cory can talk smack all they want about it being a positve issue. The rubber just doesn’t hit the road. He is DOA on this issue. He needs to quit surrounding himself with people that think the same way. Out here in “fly over territory” it is a horrible job killing economically devestating bill. VERY VERY BAD!

      1. ymous

        How about un-employment rocket man? How about on the national debt? How about on growning the federal government? BY most economic indicators this president is a huge failure. He make Carter look good. Just stay in denial though so you can have another 2010 ass kicking!

      2. ymous

        He averaged less then 5% unemployment during his two terms. Your numbers dont even keep up with those to frustrated and stepping out of the work force and the new people coming in. Your number means very little except that it’s better then it was. It’s just not nearly enough.

  12. Oldguy

    I just cant believe he will be 100 per cent for Obama Care in this state. There are good parts to this so, in my mine would be ok to talk about that but again in my opinion he will need to run from Obama not with him. I think Kristi will do better than what others think even if she doesn’t do town halls which she should be. I voted for SHS and would again.

  13. Anonymous

    How many jobs did Mitt create with that Cayman money the leader of the republicans, thanks for a second term.

    1. ymous

      He helped create over 100,000 with Bain Capitol with zero of our money at risk. What did Obama do in the private sector to create jobs? Oh yeah, nothing. What a waste of a Harvard Law degree.