Varilek's glaring problem…

It’s not quite as glaring as his support for Obamacare or tax increases, but am I the only one who thinks Democratic Congressional nominee Matt “I like my analogies” Varilek should make sure his right side is facing the camera? I have no idea what he said in this interview, because I just kept staring at the glare off his expanding forehead…

I’m sorry, but defeating Jeff “I rode an Ostrich” Barth shouldn’t cause someone’s head to grow like that…

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  1. caheidelberger

    Well, I can understand your hair-based “politics”, given your Congresswoman’s most positive feature. By the way, how long has it been since you’ve written a post discussing substantive issues about your Republican incumbent? Is she that hard to write about?

  2. Anooner

    B.C., Varilek is not going to beat Noem is a fashion show or beauty contest, but is that how we should be grading our candidates? Pretty superficial shot even for you. Why not just vote for the one with better table manners?

  3. caheidelberger

    Review the record, Anonychickenpoopwithnogutstosaythattomyface. I make the valid observation that “Bill Clay” couples his personal insults with no substantive discussion of issues. I welcome you to identify any blog posts I have written that consist exclusively of childish insults about physical appearance… and which I post without putting my name to them.

    And you know, in one of the few posts I did where I discuss Noem’s coiffure, I can’t find a single line where I denigrate her hair… although I do take the general position that every woman I have known looks even prettier with longer hair.

    But since DWC thinks hair matters, let me point out that Kristi Noem’s hair clearly takes time and effort. Could that be why she misses so many committee meetings? Whatever the case, it is clear that Matt Varilek will have more time to dedicate to the job we elect him for, because doing his hair takes maybe a minute. If he shaved it all off as I do, he’d be out the door and at the office even faster!

  4. Anonymous




  5. Anonymous

    I may be bald, sir, but in the morning I will a candidate for the House of Representatives, and you will still be Bill Clay- Matt Varilek

    1. Les

      And I will not support this congressperson who supports farm dust and pine beatles over our constitutuional rights.

      Bald or not, a GOP double down on Matt if he promises to work for reform on restoring rights voted away by congress and our Rep Noem.

  6. Winston

    Are you serious? This is all you have against Varilek, his forehead? Perhaps Varilek’s cerebral qualities equate the capacity to remember committee times and dates unlike some other mindless congressperson I know …. and perhaps greater brain capacity allows someone to know how to read a speed limit sign as well and its consequential traffic tickets.

  7. Anonymous

    Insult? The truth hurts and even hurts more when it does not follow the personal agenda of a few people with a shortage of respect. It is a issue of I hate myself and I want to hate others who do not follow my agenda.

    Love they neighbor, love thy self.

    We are a failing society…

  8. Anonymous

    I’m a loyal GOP guy, and I used to enjoy reading this site to keep up on what is going on in the state. But between 1) alienating Tea Party people because you’ve drank the media’s hype about us being soooooo radical (you know, CRAZY things like balanced budgets, term limits, etc.), and 2) resorting to mocking our opponent’s hairlines rather than destroying them with facts, you’ve pretty much managed to alienate everybody.


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