Video – Greg Jamison endorses Paul TenHaken for Sioux Falls Mayor

From the Paul TenHaken Campaign, State Representative Greg Jamison has endorsed his opponent for Sioux Falls Mayor:

21 Replies to “Video – Greg Jamison endorses Paul TenHaken for Sioux Falls Mayor”

    1. David Barranco

      Classy move by two gentlemen. America needs more leaders who exemplify good sportsmanship, patriotism, and community service. One candidate may win or lose a contest. At the end of the day, we’re on the same team, striving to help our neighbors and our children find a brighter future.

        1. "Very Stable Genius"

          Prez?…. I think the national media would be all over that “Dutch Mafia” thing, however…. Best he keep it local…..

          1. "Very Stable Genius"

            Wait a minute, there’s no presidential election in 2026…. what were we thinking?

  1. Anonymous

    Not a bad day…add 14% of the vote guy vs NO ON JO added a predictable Kenny Anderson 6%

    Looks to be a net 8% to me


    1. "Very Stable Genius"

      Yep, and if he gets Gunn’s endorsement then that puts him at 50+, right? Game over with, right? Because I am sure with all of these male endorsements, that the women will just follow suit, right? (JK)

      1. KM

        That sounds like one of the many excuses Hillary gave as to why she lost. Rep/Conservative women aren’t the lazy ones who only vote based on sex or victim status we do our research, and I’m not JK’ing. It’s doubtful Gunn will endorse Jo. Wasn’t her campaign behind calling him a racist? That didn’t work out so well, did it?

        You certainly change your attitude about TenHaken on SDWC, why don’t you let loose like you do elsewhere? I wonder, genius, are you a male feminist? You think the gender pay gap exists or white privilege, you get in on that nonsense too? FightFor15? Sure… Let’s Go Jo!!

  2. Randall

    Well done by both men. The choice is clear for the future of SF. Greg sees it and so should we. PTH!

  3. "Very Stable Genius"

    I can’t wait for the Entenman endorsement with Paul riding up to the announcement in Jim’s side car.

    1. Anonymous

      Now watch, the Republican establishment is moving in. It’s time for an outsider that isn’t going to do any party favors. Go Jo.

      1. KM

        Isn’t going to do any party favors? Where do you get your information? Go to the source and ask some questions. Did you miss Jolene’s speech at the Women’s March or how about the countless times she uses (yes, she is taking advantage of them) the LGBT and minorities to virtue signal. It’s disappointing Kenny has been manipulated too, he seemed like a decent, genuine person.

        Back to CNN for you too, Comey’s lies will keep you busy.

        1. Anonymous

          If Paul TenHaken does not win our family will re-finance the house and purchase a military surplus MRAP. It may be a little more difficult to get into HyVee parking lot to park to shop for groceries but we will manage and feel safer. Our city will be overrun with Antifa, BLM, Greenpeace, Weather Underground, Isis and Al Qaeda

          1. KM

            From the mouth of an uneducated, doormat. Do you ever have anything significant to add to the dialogue? Your obsession with hate groups is showing again.

            If you try harder, you may be able to embarrass me with some facts, but then again they don’t matter so much to you, do they? So don’t try, I get a good laugh of your endless blah, blah, blah….

          2. Anonymous

            He is all for refugee immigration which results in low wages. The Chamber will back him. Go Jo.

  4. Troy Jones

    Greg Jamison is as solid a person as I know. He guards his reputation and integrity with zeal. Endorsing Paul was not done cavalierly.