Video: Senator John Thune to the American People – “Republicans Hear You.”

Senator Thune delivered a floor speech last night on the responsibilities the new majority is charged with:

A few excerpts:

“To all the Americans who voted for change in this election, to every worker who has felt left behind in this economy, I want to say again: We hear you.

“Republicans hear you.

“And we are going to fight for your priorities here in Washington.

“We are committed to earning the trust you placed in us on Election Day.

“Mr. President, the election is over, and it’s time to take up the work of governing the nation.

“Our country is facing many challenges, and it’s time for all of us, Democrat and Republican, liberal and conservative, to unite to address them.

“If we work together, I firmly believe we will once again be able to say, as President Reagan once said,

“’America’s best days are yet to come.

“’Our proudest moments are yet to be.

“’Our most glorious achievements are just ahead.’”

8 Replies to “Video: Senator John Thune to the American People – “Republicans Hear You.””

  1. Anonymous

    Does he hear that maybe Mitch McConnell needs to go? Term limits are looking pretty good right now with the Republicans insistence in holding onto McConnell as Senate Majority Leader. I heard Boehner out there mouthing off as well-he stunk, so why should his opinion matter? He was nothing but a buffoon as well. Senator Thune should start a “Ditch Mitch” movement, but it won’t happen because he is too entrenched in the party.

  2. duggersd

    I am not sure what the Republicans are hearing. They have asked for the House and the Senate and told us they would be able to stop Obama. It didn’t happen. The Republican leadership appears to be lacking the necessary equipment to have a backbone. Now, a person who is only a Republican by convenience has been elected President. He has been saying the right things. Perhaps with someone who is a leader, all of the followers in the Republican party can actually get something done. Left to themselves, I do not have a lot of hope.

    1. Fled to Red

      I left Thune’s bubble blank on 11/8. He obviously has some ‘splainin to do, and at this point he needs to stop ‘splainin and show us something.

  3. Troy Jones

    In the last election 8 days ago, order of votes received:

    Chris Nelson: 268,927 (75%)
    John Thune: 265,494 (72%)
    Kristi Noem: 237,131
    Donald Trump:227,701

    Races in the order of most votes cast (all candidates):

    President: 370,037
    House: 369,933 (104 less than in President race)
    Senate: 369,619 (418 less than Presidential race)
    PUC: 356,768 (3,269 less than Presidential race)

    Fled 2 Red, looks like you are part of the army of 418 (or just a little over one-tenth of a percent) who are demanding an explanation from Senator Thune.

    What do you want the #2 vote getter this election and Senate winner with one of the largest, if not largest, margins in SD history to explain to you?

    1. Fled to Red

      For starters, just off the top of my head:

      1) Why he shouldn’t be primaried next time around,
      2) Why he is just now saying that he will start listening to us (that is, why hasn’t he done what we sent him to DC to to, and why should be believe it will be different going forward), and
      3) Why he suggested that Trump be replaced, very late in the game, when the audiotape “surfaced”.

  4. Troy Jones

    Fled to Red:

    1) Any Republican who disagrees with what Senator Thune accomplishes is free to primary him and take the cause to the GOP primary voter.

    2) That was a speech to the American people from his #3 position in Leadership, and not specifically to South Dakotans, as the party prepares to assume leadership of both houses and the White House.

    3) He gave his rationale at the time-he thought we had a better chance with Pence. Who knew Hillary was going to run a horrible campaign for two weeks and spend time in places like AZ and not PA or MI or Comey was going to re-open the investigation, Trump was going to stay on message for three weeks, and Trump was going to have his best debate? Change a total a couple of hundred thousand votes in Michigan and Florida, Trump would have lost. It was not a landslide and but for what occurred that I listed above, the election would have turned out differently.

    265,000 voters either agreed with Thune on the issue or in their disagreement decided it wasn’t a disqualifying factor for their vote. For the 418 of you who did, you can decide in 6 years if it remains a disqualifying factor.

    BTW, Trump has moved on as evidenced to his relationship with Paul Ryan and consideration of Kelly Ayotte for the cabinet. What you do is your call.