View from a new legislator. Representative Tim Reed’s impressions of the process.

I was texting with newly installed Representative (and former Brookings Mayor) Tim Reed last night, as I’m always curious what those who are experiencing the process from the inside for the first time think about the sausage making process we call the South Dakota State Legislature.

I asked Tim – So, how is the session going? I’d love your impressions as a new legislator. His response:

I’m glad we have started to deal with issues that directly affect citizens. I tire of all the more political issues that is dominating discussions.

Those issues will need to be addressed but I enjoy voting on bills today (even if I was in the minority) and in the future that matter.

The procedure seems to take an inordinate amount of time at the onset of a new session, and shouldn’t be so bad this year. Although, as I noted, the legislature is arguably not going to be as productive this year, since we’re mired down in silliness.