Vote No on V group protests free advertising on KSOO – @townsquaremedia. KSOO says they’ll give time. Sort of.

The Vote No on V group, which is working to defeat the anti-transparency measure Amendment V, (which would hide party labels on the ballot, and disenfranchise independent and third party candidates from appearing on the general election ballot) sent a letter yesterday to KSOO Radio and Townsquare Media over all the free advertising that Amendment V spokesman & radio announcer Rick Knobe has been giving himself:

Amendment V Rick Knobe KSOO

Now, Will tells me that he was e-mailed in response that they would accommodate the formal request. But that also begs the question HOW they’re going to accommodate it.

Are they going to give him a minute for minute opportunity for rebuttal/promotion? That might add up to a lot of time. Are they going to have Knobe, the spokesman for his opponents, interview him?  That wouldn’t really be anything resembling equal time.

There’s a lot up in the air with KSOO’s begrudging “yeah, ok” response.

5 Replies to “Vote No on V group protests free advertising on KSOO – @townsquaremedia. KSOO says they’ll give time. Sort of.”

  1. Michael Wyland

    I listened to the “Yes on V” interview yesterday. Rick went out of his way to say at least twice that “No” representatives would also be contacted and scheduled to appear on his program “by the end of August,” as I remember it.

  2. anon1

    If a radio announcer is running for office, he or she is required to be off-the-air for 90 days prior to the general election. Considering Knobe’s involvement with the issue, I would think that would be the only right and professional thing for him to do.

    Should he remain on-the-air, and continue to use his free pulpit to promote the issue, whatever shred of integrity he has left would be pretty much used up.