Vote Yes on V – “Beltway residents for hiding party labels.”

I had an observant correspondent catch this, and send it to me.

The Yes on Amendment V people, who call themselves “South Dakotans for non-partisan elections” have been accused of actually being hidden big-money out of state interests who are trying to use South Dakota to launch their effort elsewhere.

I’ve always felt that nothing tells a story like a picture:

DC car 1 copy Here’s the official Vote yes on V car that’s being used by the people staffing their booth at the Sioux Empire fair. Check out their license plate:

DC car 2 copy

Nothing says “South Dakota” like Washington DC.


Another attendee let me know he was at the Sioux Empire fair, and stopped by the Yes on V booth. It was staffed by three Nebraskans who were all specifically being paid to be there.

10 Replies to “Vote Yes on V – “Beltway residents for hiding party labels.””

  1. Anonymous

    Same goes for liberal Californians thinking that they know what is best for us and want to amend our constitution. No good folks. We all need to vote NO on all these silly and unecessary ballot issues.

  2. Michael Wyland

    Regardless how one stands on “V” (I have friends on both sides), it’s a rookie campaign mistake to have an out-of-state car identified with an in-state issue.

  3. Daniel Buresh

    Once again, claiming that we shouldn’t support a proposed law because it is being pushed by out of state interests seems a bit hypocritical when you are receiving money from Marsy’s Law proponents and they are being completely funded by out of state interests. It’s apparent the “out of state” support only becomes critical when you don’t agree with their position.

  4. Benjamin Franklin

    Yesterday, on Knobes’ biased radio show, he spotlighted 3-so called republicans- Dave Volk, Joe Kirby & Casey Murchel. Trying to create the illusion that even republicans support Amendment V.
    Seems to me, NARAL named Republican state Rep. Casey Murschel as its statewide executive director back in 2006. Call me crazy, this organization promotes abortions. I don’t think Casey represents the majority of republicans in SD. So linking here to the republication party is a little fuzzy.
    Volk is not far from pulling a “Scott Heidepriem” any day now. Just listen to him.
    Joe Kirby = Warren Buffet. Does it really matter at this point in your life who wins?

  5. Anonymous

    The group who is paying the workers at the Vote Yes on V booth at the fair and who paid the workers to collect the signatures to get the proposed amendment on the ballot is from MA, and that same group has been behind IM 22 and all of the others promoted by Slick Rick Weiland.

  6. Porter Lansing

    It seems South Dakota has national prominence. What horrible boogeyman is next? Growth and prosperity?

    1. Anonymous

      Coming from an out-of-state and out-of-shape socialist, so I don’t really much care about your opinion on anything, Portair. When are you moving out of your mom’s basement?