Was Kevin Crisp supposed to be spoiler in Dist 25?

The dead line for pre-election financial statements was October 22.  Four of the five candidates manage to get their reports in on time.  Kevin Crisp waited until November 8 to turn his report in, A full six days after the election.  Was he trying to hide something?

Kevin Crisp did run in the primary election as an independent.  (I didn’t know there was an independent party, that shows you how much I know)   However the Statement of Organization  paper work  wasn’t filed until Jun 23,  It appears he was getting a late start on things.  In his campaign he started several times he was a conservative.

It has been rumored that Kevin was recruited and financially supported by democrats to pull votes away from the front runners, Stace Nelson and Jon Hasen.  I personally seen  Oran Sorensn (a Democrat candidate) putting up Kevin Crisp signs.

Mr. Crisp financial statement [http://apps.sd.gov/applications/st12odrs/files/11920.pdf]  shows $450.00 total contributions.  He spent just over 7,000.00.  The report states he made up the difference out of his own pocket.   $6,500 is a lot of money when you raised $450.00. The salary for a legislator isn’t that much.

Name Donations Personal contribution expenses
Nelson, Stace 4170.00 4772.38 8967.38
Hasen, Jon 7155.39 0.00 5736.59
VanOverschelde, Dennis 1600.00 0.00 569.00
Sorenson, Oran 8115.00 0.00 6517.79
Crisp, Kevin 450.00 6659.32 7109.32

I understand this election, it was really anti-democrat and anti-incumbent, and Dennis and Oran knew they were fighting a losing battle. It appeared that democrats only chance was to run a spoiler against Stace and Jon. I have to wonder if Dennis knew what was going on.

If this is the type of shenanigans we can expect from the democrats in a ‘local’ house race, I wonder what we can expect during the legislative session?

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  1. grudznick

    what in the bejebuss is going on here? I can't hardly read this tiny writing and it went from no posts about anything to bunches of posts about nothing. And now I'm going to get fined if I don't do a report on time? Where is PP???????

  2. Monty

    Kevin Crisp was a thoughtful and well-liked Republican member of the Legislature when he served in the House.

    No, there was not an Independent primary in 25 – look at the Secretary of State's website.

    I'm betting Kevin decided to run after the primary filing deadline in April so he ran as an Independent candidate. He got a late start, and it hurt him.

    "I personally seen"?

    Kevin is a good guy and has friends, even some Democrats.

    1. Mike C

      That's is part of why this is disturbing. I honestly don't believe Dennis or Oran where behind this maneuver.

      IMHO This was the doings of the South Dakota Democrats.

      1. J Rae

        Is it possible that he saw the candidates who had been in the primary and thought that the voters deserved another option?

        Just hard to see a former Republican legislator, former military, businessman being a part of Democratic "shenanigans."

        Besides, I don't think the Dems are that nefarious, organized or clever.

      2. Stace Nelson

        Mr. Crisp stopped me on the road when I was campaigning in Dell Rapids several months before the election. He readily admitted that he was recruited by the Democrats to run and that included conversations with Mr. Sorenson & Ahlers about that effort. I also received reports that Mr. Sorenson was observed putting up signs for Mr Crisp.

        During that conversation, Mr. Crisp unleashed a torrent of unsavory personal comments about our Gov. (Elect), and several other Republicans, all the while loudly professing the superiority of Dan Ahlers, Scott Heidepriem, Oran Sorenson, etc.

        I will refrain from sharing the rest of the story, as their actions and dishonesty already received the poetic justice that they deserved.

  3. grudznick

    Unholy buckets! Now there some giant splooot at the top of the screen, and I can't see how many of you have made comments!!!

    Change is bad. It's bad. It's really tough on old guys like me. It's just bad. I hope you monitor your hits and blops and stuff and see that the way PP ran things was the best way.

  4. CaveMan

    As I ran through the results the day after the election I noticed a number of pols who had not yet filed their campaign financials in to the SOS's office. Knowing full well the integrity of SD's SOS one would rightfully assume they all had to pay $50 a day for every day they were late. It is the law.

    Now on the actual election; Mr. Nelson outworked, out manuevered, out talked, and out sourced everyone else by coming in "Top Gun". And what I know of Stace Nelson when he says something; He means it!! 🙂

  5. Beeb

    Please bring PP back. The content, the ability to use the English language and the form of this blog have dropped faster than anyone ever thought possible.

  6. springer

    I've been gone for a week and come back to this format – ugh. Guess I don't really care if this connects to facebook or twitter. Was just enjoyable to be able to exchange comments here and know that is where they remained usually.

  7. oldguy

    All good questions Commander but I don't understand the COS or the million dollar house comment. OH how I miss the old SDWC


    Million dollar house is her chief of staff.If you represent South Dakota youneed to be humbleRemember what they did to Daschle.Rich people seem to lose their sense of being and where they come from.Snooki Noem will be roasted every time she votes for some kind of subsidy.Even healt h care if she gets from the Govt.Farm subsidies or not.If we bail out banks or farms whats the difference.

  9. Fahz E. Behr


    Talk about missing the forest for the trees. Nobody ever said you had to be "humble" to represent South Dakota. If that was true, why did Tom Daschle represent South Dakota for 26 years? It was only after Daschle got trapped in the Washington lifestyle that he was voted out, and it didn't matter that Daschle was rich… it was again, the fact that he got trapped in the Washington lifestyle. I know plenty of "rich" people who have kept their sense of being and remember where the come from… ever heard of a guy named Tom Brokaw? Oh, lastly drop the whole Snooki Noem thing… that's degrading and disrespectful. You never heard any Republicans call Representative Herseth-Sandlin something like that, the worst she was called was Princess.

    1. J Rae

      Fahz…are you serious? Princess was meant as a compliment…good one.

      I don't like Shrub or any of the many "misspellings" of Obama…it cheapens the discussion. The problem is that like a band of cliquey middle school kids, name calling is a very important part of the game. It demonstrates respect for the people in the debate and a refreshing sense of maturity…oh it doesn't? Never mind, carry on. (and my apologies to middle schoolers)

    2. anon

      Isn't that just because you didn't have anything better to call SHS?
      I think it's more degrading and disrespectful that part of SD elected her in the first place. I say part because voter turnout was awfully low in SD this election. Apparently more of the Tea Partiers made it out than sensible South Dakotan citizens.

      1. Anonymous

        Anon- good Lord, you call 62% voter turnout in South Dakota low? Especially when 56% voted nationally in 2008, 37% voted nationally in 2006, and 55% voted in 2004? What do you call 75-80%? Moderate voter turnout?

        1. Donkephant

          About 60,000 less South Dakotan's voted in this year's election than did in 2008. That sounds like quite a large number to me.

  10. Anonymous

    Commander: Since when is success something to be ashamed of? Oh yeah, since Obama and his minions took over and seek to tell us how much is enough. I always thought the Republicans were off base in raising that issue against Daschle — I say, good for him if he lives in a nice home. I just didn't vote for him because he's a liberal. And BTW, houses are a heck of a lot more expensive in the DC area.

  11. Fiscal Conservative

    What does a persons wealth have to do with his/her abilities? Come on dems you can do better.

    With all due respect, I'm nat crazy about this new format either.

  12. Anonymous

    Stay classy Stace. Oh, and you managed to write a sentence about yourself without lording over everybody with your distinguished Marine Corps service. Way to go.


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