Was maxed out donation by leader of pro-choice movement obfuscated on Team Sutton Campaign report?

Here’s an interesting item from the campaign finance report of Billie Sutton’s running mate, Michelle Lavallee.

At the top of the list of the itemized report is a maxed out $4000 donation from a “Marcia Bell” at “2908 37th Circle, Suite 501.

The curious thing is that there’s no “Marcia Bell” in the database of South Dakota voters.  At all.

In fact, if you try to google that name in all of South Dakota, you come up with nothing.  But you do come up with not Marcia, but “Maria Bell,” a voter at that same street address.  So, looking at the voter database, slightly different name… and slightly different apartment number at that rather exclusive and expensive address.

Why is Maria Bell’s name noteworthy?  Dr. Maria Bell was Co-Chairman for the South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families, the group opposing the statewide abortion ban in 2008.

Now, the Sutton campaign does list Maria Bell making a $1500 donation from her office address…

But – if this is correct – why the odd error in the name and apartment number? I suspect because having that name at the top of Lavallee’s report would get some attention as one of the generals of the pro-choice movement in the state maxing out in donations to the Lt. Gov portion of the Sutton campaign.

Not to mention a reminder that the pro-choice forces in the state are using Lavallee’s portion of the campaign to go around campaign finance maximums to express the degree of their support for the Democrat ticket.

14 Replies to “Was maxed out donation by leader of pro-choice movement obfuscated on Team Sutton Campaign report?”

    1. Tara Volesky

      Say Mr. Randazzo….would the Noem campaign please list the pro-choice Republicans that gave money to Kristi’s campaign? Thank you.

  1. Fred Deutsch

    She is also the chief proponent behind trying to convince the SD State Medical Association to change its official position from being OPPOSED to Physician Assisted Suicide to SUPPORTING it. In fact, at a recent SDSMA meeting, I was provided time along with a few SDSMA member-physicians to counter her presentation depicting the so-called benefits of physician participation in helping patients end their life.

    1. a friend of education

      Yes, good sleuthing indeed.

      Senator Sutton claims he’s pro-life. I want to believe him & I don’t want to call him a liar. But it’s hard for me to reconcile his stance with the ardent support he receives from pro choice zealots & pro-choice groups. If he’s actually pro life, why do they adore him?

      I suspect he might be hiding his true position behind a Clintonian façade:

      Billie, are you pro-life?

      Yes. 100 percent
      So, you’ll fight to restrict abortion in South Dakota?


      Huh? How can that be? I though being pro life means you think abortion is murder.

      Well, said Slick Billie, with a sly cowboy grin, that really depends on the words’ definition. You see, MY definition of “pro life” is that, yes, we should protect life whenever possible… while following the precedent set by the US Supreme Court in Roe v Wade and protecting the mother’s right to privacy as well as her right to choose. So, you see, I am pro life in the larger sense that I think abortion should be legal in many cases but not necessarily all cases.

      Or something along those lines. Tell me I’m wrong.

      1. Desden

        That really does sound lke the answer Billie would give.. he has a circular effect when he talks.. never really goes anywhere and contradicts himself..

        1. a friend of education

          I have acquaintances & co-workers who voted for Hillary. We agree to disagree.

          Not a single one of them is strongly pro life.

          Hard to believe that a staunch pro gun, pro life, small government enthusiast wanted Hillary as his president. Is that true? Did he ever listen to her speak? I hesitate to call any man a liar, because I can’t see into his heart. But that’s a tough one to swallow. I can’t help wondering if he’s just pulling a slick snow job on us God & gun loving deplorables.

      2. Tara Volesky

        Here we go again….time to exploit abortion for fundraising and winning. Whether the SD Legislature supports or rejects abortion has nothing to do with the Governors race. It’s the constitution folks. The GOP has zero intent to intoduce a constitutional amendment declaring that life begins at conception. If Noem belived it, she would have intoduced an amendment to the constitution to over rule Roe vs Wade. She had her chance bcause Republicans ruled. Why didn’t she do it?

    2. Tara Volesky

      Fred, I just heard her speak and DWU……..She is all about cleaning up corruption and cronyism in Pierre. Her background and resume in economical development, job development, accountability and ethics for big corporations and state government is off the charts. Her wealth of experience and the connections she has made through the years with Republican and Democrats alike will do everything to benefit SD and the next generation. Please go hear her speak and talk to her before you judge. Thanks.

      1. Anonymous

        Benefit the next generation… haha! She supports killing the next generation and the elderly, Her wealth is spent helping to finance other pro-abortion people. That’s not the definition of influential, it’s evil.

        There’s a difference between judgement and discernment. Her and Lavallee are not women I admire or would turn to in a time of crisis, but we know you have a very different standard, so carry on, Tara.

          1. Tara Volesky

            She seems she is more interested in bringing in high paying jobs and economic development. She is a true CEO and all about business and cleaning up Pierre. I think Trump would love her…no nonsense.


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