Was there a convention in Aberdeen this weekend? Not according to much of the State’s media, but it was a good one anyway.

I have to give kudos to the Aberdeen American News, as they at least had a reporter at the convention for a few short hours on Friday. Otherwise you’d be hard pressed to notice in the media that there was a GOP convention in Aberdeen. 

Any other political reporters? Meh. Not so much.

The Argus found themselves hard pressed to leave Sioux Falls, and spent time fawning at the Dem convention over the Democrat candidate for president who had his butt kicked by an avowed Socialist, Bernie Sanders.  Although, If any of their reporters had bothered to show up to cover a GOP convention, I’m sure the resulting story about Republicans would have been killed quicker than Stu Whitney’s Thune Story was. (That’s a story for another day.)

I remember the conventions where political reporters such as Dave Kranz regularly cruised the hospitality suites. If anyone had bothered, they would have seen 2 hopefuls for Governor in full throated campaign mode, with Gubernatorial hopeful Mark Mickelson hosting a room, and often mentioned AG Marty Jackley’s room handing out shirts without Attorney General emblazoned on them. If there was any doubt as to the race for Governor commencing, it evaporated Friday night.

In convention action, they might have seen yet another Lora Hubbel obamacare attack on the Governor deftly shut down by the Lt. Governor, who took up a competing resolution amendment first, rendering her attack redundant, and then gaveling her down when she tried to inappropriately press the attack during debate to suspend the rules. Out of her depth, she simply gave up.

It was also a convention which was the first big public event ran by a very lean State GOP staff (as in one full time ED, and one part time finance/political officer) closely tied to Governor Daugaard – and they ran a tight ship. Every portion of the convention I saw was well run, and they demonstrated their ability. 

Reporters (other than the Aberdeen paper) might have noticed that the GOP and its leaders are getting engaged on Amendment V, the hide-your-party, anti-transparency ballot measure. 

And as I’d remarked in an earlier post, except for Hubbel penning a poison resolution against the governor, they would have noticed everyone was cordial, friendly, and got along remarkably well. 

But as noted, stories about Republicans working together, demonstrating leadership, and looking towards the future don’t tend to get a lot of column inches. 

As opposed to them getting buried by the media.

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  1. Anonymous

    The press made the right choice and it was a good thing for Republicans that the media skipped it.

    First, there were only 167 delegates and 33 counties represented. The RINOs have destroyed most of the county parties in South Dakota.

    Second, rules were changed so amendments to resolutions and the platform cannot have a discussion of the change before it is voted on. Stalin would have approved of such a rule for soviet organs, too.

    Third, the RINO vs. Conservative divide is more pronounced than ever.

    Fourth and most importantly, there was nothing for Trump on the walls, desks and hardly a mention of him.

    Congratulations to the South Dakota GOP, the party is well on its way to its own destruction.

    1. @SoDakCampaigns

      Apparently you went to a different convention. There were almost 190 delegates at convention, and as noted, it was pretty darned friendly.

      The rule change was welcome, as it asks the body as a whole if it’s worth over-riding the committee process. There is a finite amount of time to hold the convention. NO ONE wants to sit there for six – eight hours on platform and resolutions. It is utter torture. That’s what the committees are for.

      As for your whining about Trump, presidential materials are supplied by the Presidential campaigns. State Parties can’t really buy them (I’m not going to get into FEC rules on donations, etc.), not to mention the fact that the nomination has not been held yet.

      If it was that important to you, no one was preventing you from bringing some, or hosting a hospitality room for the campaign. But that would require effort, planning, and being responsible for what you wanted to see there.

      1. Anonymous

        We were at the same convention. I saw you sitting on your hands when conservative issues needed folks to stand.

        There was no reason to change the rules. The Rapid City Convention did not run too long. The only reason for the rule change was for the RINO apparatchicks to discourage amendments and prevent discussions of ideas.

        Your defense of the inability of the state party to show any support of Trump is another indefensible position of the RINO establishment. That is why the Governor was repudiated numerous times by the content of the resolutions and platform.

        You are not doing the RINOs a service by defending the clearly indefensible. RINOs need to take to heart the recent primary defeats and the repudiation of the Governor’s agenda by the delegates Saturday.

          1. Anonymous

            The Rapid City Convention was done at an appropriate time and did not go on into the night. I never did think you were very well with organization anyway. Incompetence of the drafters of the schedule should not be an excuse to further encourage the membership to simply stay home and make certain less than half of the counties attend the next convention–maybe that’s the goal?!

            1. Dave R

              You are incorrect. Platform and Resolutions Committees went far into the night Wednesday and Thursday. They worked 14 hour days to complete their work. Consideration on the floor was scheduled for all day Friday. But a handful of people redundantly re-argued the work of the committees from the floor, delaying the Convention and overrunning into Saturday which in turn delayed the elections.

              1. Anonymous

                The committees hours is not relevant. The resolution and platform discussion on the floor was appropriate and I cannot remember anyone leaving before the discussions were over. Refusal to allow discussions on amendments is undemocratic and unAmerican. But hey, if the RINOs are willing to lie to the people about their support of Obamacare, tax increases and government over-regulation, why not implement Stalin’s rules to preclude discussion?!?

              2. Anonymous

                I heard Jarrod Johnson was there. Was he running for governor or trying to be an Lt?

                He’s a hard campaigner. I wouldn’t count him out.

  2. Anonymous

    Did it seems like the gubernatorial race was a two person race or did it seems like Kristi or Michels could be in still?

    1. @SoDakCampaigns

      I think Kristi is in, until she says she isn’t.

      Matt Michels may be a dark horse people are not giving enough credit to if he decides to get in. But he’s got to start working it, if he wants it.

    2. Anonymous

      Kristi will keep making $175k a year, work in DC, have a unique and rare relationship with the speaker of the house, be a regular on fox news, deal with the major issues in our nation and maybe run for us senate against rounds in ’20 as opposed to having her minuscule accomplishments (not her fault) examined by Jackley and Mickelson in her most contested race yet where she will be the one under the microscope, move to Pierre, never be on Fox News again, make $100k a year and deal with road and education funding issues.

      1. Anonymous

        She will be a congresswomen as long as she wants. Anything else and she will have more effort.

    1. @SoDakCampaigns

      Then this alleged “bona-fide conservative” might want to bring it up, because they’re going to have to run against serious candidates, two of whom have run statewide more than once, and one whose family name is connected with the office.

      1. Daro

        Family connected to the office? America stop choosing it’s leaders by pedigree in 1776!

    2. Anonymous

      Marty is the Rounds choice.
      Mickelson is the Daugaard/Thune choice.
      Noem is not running.
      Stace Nelson has 10-15% of the vote as a ceiling. He can decide if he wants to take that much of the vote from Marty or someone else and hand the election to Mickelson. The moderates will stick tight with Mickelson at 25-35%.

      Michels would hurt Mickelson severely.

      I like Michels the best but he’s not conservative enough for me after Daugaard.

      I’d prefer an alternative choice bit of those mentioned I’d go with Michels.

  3. Kristi for Senate

    I love Marty but I don’t think he’s ready to be governor. Talk to him and you will realize he doesn’t grasp the budget or the process. Mickelson is in the weeds all the time. Michels gets it. He gets it. Michels gets it.

  4. Anonymous

    South Dakota prefers to elect legislators.

    The idea that someone needs to get in a race so far out is silly. I honestly think that someone can wait until petitions need to come out.

    Mickelson seems smart.

  5. Anonymous

    Mickelson is good a man, but Jackley is the only rock-solid conservative in the race. Michels is not in the race, but he would be no different than Daugaard, i.e. a moderate conservative at best.

  6. Cresey

    I’d prefer Shantel Krebs over any of them. She is about the only reformed minded leader in Pierre.

  7. Thru my eyes

    I attended the Convention. Short, sweet and to the point. Chris Nelson is the real deal, not flashy, just honest, hard working Conservative. Both sides like him!
    Barnett seems more mature. Speech was awesome. What is he going to do in two years?
    Thune, always a rock star!
    Noem, no idea what her future holds. She works hard for SD. Tough to get press coverage for all she does.
    Sattgast, Rich is a great guy. No idea what he is going to do in 2 years.
    Ryan Brunner, quality young man. He is a great Commisioner of our Lands.
    Mrs. Krebs, energetic, driven, results. Not all sure her future plans, but can run for SOC again in two years.
    Mickelson is too liberal for SD. If Duagaard would have stayed Conservative, a lib could win, but we are not happy paying more taxes.
    Marty Jackley, proven Conservative leadership. He runs the AG office, would have a huge advantage over a Mickelson.
    Our State is very fortunate to have Quality leaders!