Washington Examiner highlights the growing divide amongst Dems and gay marriage

Is Obama intent on destroying the Democratic Party? One might think so after seeing the dramatic losses Democrats suffered in 2010 after only two years of hope and change in power. Now he’s put them on the defensive again with his “evolution” on gay marraige.

That didn?t take long. Just over a week since President Obama flip-flopped to endorse gay marriage, a significant split among Democrats has opened and threatens to become Grand Canyon-wide in moderate and conservative states where congressional candidates fear the issue will sink their election chances… The issue is helping Obama raise money in liberal circles, but the South Dakota and North Carolina fight shows that it is also energizing conservatives and threatening establishment Democrats in red states.

The Washington Examiner also discusses Senator Johnson’s timid approach to gay marriage as it was reported in Tom Lawrence’s column from the MDR.

As for Varilek, he doesn?t appear to be alone in his opposition to Obama?s views. When the Daily Republic asked Johnson about his view, he deferred to a state law barring gay marriage. ?Some states choose to allow it and some states don?t.?

8 Replies to “Washington Examiner highlights the growing divide amongst Dems and gay marriage”

  1. Anonymous

    What most likely made Hildebrand so angry was the fact that I bet he ask Varilek about his stance before the recruitment took place.

    Varilek is likely posturing. Which is strange considering we don’t think he has a chance of beating Noem. It almost makes you wonder if Noem is weaker than we like to think?

  2. Oldguy

    This issue is not a big deal to me as I have enough problems with my own marriage so I am not about to worry about some buddies else’s marriage. I do respect hidlebrand for caring about something and sticking with it

  3. caheidelberger

    Yes, Noem is weaker than you like to think. Have you not listened to her? She is the queen of posturing.

    And oh, how much better it must be to be a party unified in its message of discrimination and government entanglement in religious affairs.

  4. Dawn

    I used to really really really be a supporter of Noem’s in the primary and the general but I honestly do not care for her anymore as a person or legislator.

    I would like to see her lose or retire. I’d love it if I didn’t have to read about her anymore.

    I love John Thune but she is his puppet. She refuses to take a position on anything that is different than his. She’s not really about making change as much as she’s about climbing the ladder.

    I am sick of politicians who are only concerned about advancing their careers.

  5. Winston

    Varilek’s “stock” campaign will never beat Noem. But Barth’s approach
    of patience, focus, timing, and word mastery offers the Democrats the
    only chance against Noem.

    The fact that Varilek who has all the money is now chasing Barth
    proves Barth’s mastery. This talent will leave Varilek in the dust and will place Noem in checkmate in the fall.

    The real issue of the past week in the South Dakota Democratic Congressional race is not so much the position Varilek and Barth took on gay rights as it is how they handled it. Barth was on message and logical about his position, Varilek appeared flustered, repetitive, and nervous in explaining his position, which had been put in check by Barth a former state chess champion.

    To beat Noem in the fall, the Democrats will need a strategist and not someone who is not ready for prime time play.


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