12 Replies to “Watch for Jason Ravnsborg in your daily paper in the coming days..”

  1. Larry

    Nicely done tells a lot about the candidate

    More in this newspaper than seiler has ever talked about on the issues– but I guess when you’re as liberal as he is avoiding talking about the issues is but your best strategy

  2. Steve

    Very informative, it lays out nicely all of Jason’s law experience of over 17 years and his extensive military background. I don’t see how seiler can come close to competing with that. Well done!!

  3. Ike

    “I support mandating insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions. We can find more effective and efficient ways of dealing with healthcare rather than more government control and red tape.”

    So government mandating certain coverages is NOT government control…? WTF, Jason. Pick a lane.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      I saw an ad in the Brookings Register which was basically an ad that said “Look at all these lawyers who like me.”

      Nothing against lawyers, but you probably need to show a broader appeal than that.

  4. Anonymous

    How ignorant does someone have to be to get the spelling of Jason’s name incorrect. His name is not only in title of this post, but also in an ad, on this page.

    Sharing and spreading your hate, that’s what you’re good at? Were you the one who started Dusty’s sign on fire? Seems you’ve got so much anger, you could do something even more violent?

  5. Anonymous

    Liberal defense attorneys who want a week liberal AG vote for Seiler. Have you noticed law enforcement and States Attorneys are on Jason’s team wonder why? Randy runs a great campaign, how does that go again? You’re stupid and I have experience. Yeah great plan for the future Randall. Jason by twenty on Tuesday.


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