Watertown Public Opinion issues harsh editorial against Tapio

The Watertown Public Opinion has harsh words this weekend for the State Senator representing that town, as they go after their State Senator Neal Tapio:

Republicans Don Brosz, Lee Schoenbeck, Ried Holien and Democrat Nancy Turbak, regardless of their ideologies, had several things in common. They were intelligent, thoughtful and well-regarded.


That changed with the election of Sen. Neal Tapio in 2016.


While there always are legislators who occupy the fringes of reality, Watertown rarely sends one who will be as ineffective as Tapio will be this year.


Most South Dakotans embrace anyone with the fortitude to live here. We see the good in people.

If on occasion, we elect someone who cannot see the good, we correct the mistake at the next ballot box.

Read it here.


10 Replies to “Watertown Public Opinion issues harsh editorial against Tapio”

  1. KM

    Would Lee, Reid or Don be willing to share their opinions? Lee did make a comment here so we already know where he stands, right Lee? Senator Phil Jensen has an interesting piece of information he shared about the Interfaith Day.

    I think Brad needs to do some more research on Islam, chain migration and the dangers they’ll continue to create. The Interfaith Day was a political event so we could all see everyone “coexisting”. There should be an uproar for not keeping church and state separate. Shame, shame.

    This is one man’s opinion and I strongly disagree. Everybody’s got advice.

    1. KM

      Lee, not interested in making a comment? Maybe you’re waiting for the Argus or writing your own opinion piece for the Watertown Public Opinion. SDWC not a place you want to make a comment about Tapio? Must not be a credible source for information and truth, many people wanting to hear from you.

      Melissa M. stepped up when challenged, and it seems you stepped back.

      1. KM

        Ignoring the issue and people asking for a comment can paint an ugly picture of someone’s character. Maybe you’re not as “respectable” and “productive” as Brad Johnson claims you to be, Lee? I don’t believe what he says, mostly because he states we’re the fringe, which I know to be a false accusation. Lots of applause at ‘Freedom Rally’ for Horowitz, an event hosted by SDGOP.

        Maybe next time there’s a post about Islam and Tapio you will be ready to have a conversation.

          1. KM

            We know that, it’s obvious. Not taking this issue (not the person) seriously only hurts our SD communities dealing with the dangers Islam, LSS, refugee resettlement and chain migration will continue to present.

            Maybe he’s scared? Oh-Well, we’ve got Tapio, Sibby Online, Horowitz and many other activists stepping up to the plate. The internet gives us access to all sorts of information.

    1. KM

      I think you’re off topic, but I guess…Why? You tell me why the Daily Caller is a highly invalid source. I give you evidence to why MSM is not reliable and this is what you got…an opinion.

  2. Bumstead

    Brad Johnson may be a nice guy, but he’s a left-wing idiot. I’m from the Watertown area, but I seldom bother to read what he writes because he’s a brain-dead liberal. Criticism from him is a feather for Tapio’s cap. I’d still vote for Neal any day.

  3. Bumstead

    The editorial writer isn’t bright enough to get the joke about Pence becoming Governor. Apparently he doesn’t remember Daugaard calling for Trump to step down and Pence taking his place. Also, his characterization of Tapio is greatly exaggerated, as liberals often do. I’ve never heard Tapio base anything on “skin color”, as Johnson suggests.