7 Replies to “Week 4 Update from the South Dakota Senate Republicans”

  1. Anonymous

    The person who came up with the video idea should get a lot of credit for the updates and the legislators who are willing to do them get a big thumbs up from me. The quality just keeps getting better and better with each video.

  2. Charlie Hoffman

    Common sensed, open to suggestions, slow to judge and well rounded!!! My kind of guy!!!

    (Your attitude Brock, your attitude!

  3. Troy Jones

    I have watched at least dozens of such weekly wrap-ups and I thought this excellent.

    The humble presentation style gave me a sense he was speaking not for himself but an amalgamation of the mind of the caucus as it sees what occurred and will occur. It is an extremely rare person who can pull this off.

    I nominate Greenfield as GOP Legislator Communication Director.


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