Weiland – Campaign finance decision not as bad as Dred Scott, but worse than Japanese internment & forced sterilization of the disabled.

Has Rick Weiland completely lost his grip on reality? Or is he just really such a creature of politics that he’s just a caricature of a real person?

David Montgomery reported today on Weiland’s reaction to the U.S. Supreme Court opinion on campaign finance laws:

In a blistering press release, Weiland said the McCutcheon decision “may be the worst decision by any Supreme Court since the Dred Scott case reaffirmed slavery in 1857.”

Read that here.

Taking him at his word, here are some Supreme Court decisions that Rick Weiland thinks are better than today’s opinion:

Korematsu v. United States (1944) – Upheld the forcible internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.

Lochner v. New York (1905) – Struck down state laws protecting workers from excessive hours, saying that a limit of 60 hours per week violated “liberty of contract.”

Plessy v. Ferguson (1868) – Upheld racial segregation of public facilities based on the doctrine of “separate but equal.”

Buck v. Bell (1927) – Upheld state laws permitting forced sterilization of the intellectually disabled, with Justice Holmes infamously writing that “Three generations of imbeciles in enough.”

Separate but equal?  Internment of American citizens?  Forced sterilization?  60 hour work weeks?  No big deal, compared to whether or not there is an aggregate contribution limit for individual contributions in federal elections.

At least, that’s what Rick Weiland says.

15 Replies to “Weiland – Campaign finance decision not as bad as Dred Scott, but worse than Japanese internment & forced sterilization of the disabled.”

    1. Julie Gross (NE)

      I’m not convinced that what he said is rhetoric.

      He’s a extremist, and probably believes precisely what he said.

  1. Anonymous

    Yet another reason not to nominate some of these GOP candidates with scandals. Weiland can only win if the GOP nominates someone with a scandal and the vote gets split with Pressler and Weiland is horrible.

    Seriously, worse than internment??? Hey Rick lets put you in a prison camp, but you can have all the money you want! I’m thinking internment is worse.

  2. Fred Deutsch

    It’s a victory for liberty. The law allowed McCutcheon to give up to $2600 to a candidate, but only to 18 candidates. McCutcheon, who wants to support a whole bunch of challengers in congressional races, wants to know why candidates 1 through 18 are not “corrupted” by his contribution, but the government believes that candidate 19 is. The $2600 cap per candidate remains unchanged.

  3. wazzzupp

    America’s headed towards plutocracy — where the 1% make all the rules. Supreme Court decision just put Citizens United on steroids. I’m no constitutional scholar but it was definitely another blow to our democratic system of government.

    1. Anonymous

      Just remember: Weiland didn’t just say the decision was bad.

      He said it may be the worst decision since the Dred Scott decision.

      As Pat has shown, no serious person can think that is literally true.

      It shows that Weiland is prone to wild exaggeration. That is something to keep in mind when he says other things.

  4. Anon

    Did he say it was worse than those other things? No. It may be. But don’t let it stop you from implying he doesn’t think this other things are too bad. PP, you insult your readers intelligence with this kind of thing.

    1. Julie Gross (NE)

      ” PP, you insult your readers intelligence with this kind of thing.”

      Yes, it’s better to allow Wieland the buffoon to insult the intelligence of every Constitution-loving American with another bizzare campaign rant.

  5. Anonymous

    Weiland is like Stace saying outlandish things to try and get some attention. He would be better served by waiting to see who survives the primary. If one of the 3 with a scandal then he can unload.