Weiland’s Big, Desperate Lie

Weiland’s Big, Desperate Lie

Weiland is wrong on the issues so all he can do is lie about Rounds

Sioux Falls, SD – President Obama’s Senate candidate, Rick Weiland, launched a new television ad today that lies about Mike Rounds and an economic development program that created thousands of jobs in South Dakota, the South Dakota Republican Party charged today. Immediately after Weiland’s ad aired, the Sioux Falls Argus Leader pointed out that Weiland’s statement that “U.S. residency was for sale to the highest bidder” was “incorrect.”

“Poor Rick Weiland, he’s on the wrong side of all the issues affecting South Dakota so he resorts to big, desperate lies about Mike Rounds,” said Dick Wadhams, a spokesman for the South Dakota Republican Party. “Weiland supports President Obama and his failed presidency, Weiland opposes the Keystone pipeline, Weiland supports Obamacare, and Weiland wants to destroy Medicare for South Dakota seniors.”

Weiland started a negative television ad today attacking Mike Rounds on the EB-5 program.

The EB-5 program has brought more than $600 million in private capital investment to South Dakota creating more than 5,000 jobs. The EB-5 program was created with the support of Democrats who have represented South Dakota in Washington, D.C. including Tom Daschle, Tim Johnson, and Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin. In fact, Weiland was working for Senator Daschle when Daschle voted for the EB-5 program.

“If Rick Weiland wants to attack someone over the EB-5 program, he should start with President Obama’s handpicked U.S. Attorney for South Dakota, Brendan Johnson, who is the only public official who has not publicly released the results of his investigation,” Wadhams said. “Brendan Johnson and Rick Weiland are playing partisan politics on EB-5 while seven other local and state government entities have disclosed the results of their investigations.”

Weiland falsely claims the EB-5 program “sold citizenship” and that South Dakota taxpayers lost money on the Northern Beef plant in Aberdeen. Weiland also falsely claims that Rounds “hired cronies” who “made millions.” If Rick Weiland is so focused on “Taking it Back” – he ought to start with taking back his lies and deceit.

“Rick Weiland’s desperate new ad is an absolute lie across the board and he knows it,” Wadhams said. “But I suppose we should expect nothing more from a guy who made $600,000 a year while driving a non-profit organization into the ground.”

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  1. Flash Gordon

    Someone should ask Rick to come clean about his time at ICC. Running the company into a defect, lost significant revenue and still took significant pay increases. That’s the very definition of what a crony would do.

  2. Anonymous

    I was involved in the local Chamber but there is no way I’d have anything to do with the US Chamber of Commerce. Might as well be the US Chamber of Cronyism.

    1. Jammer

      Agree — however, the comment made at 1:06 by the delusional democrat is beyond ridiculous. It just illustrates how irrational democrats are. Anyone who follows Americans for Prosperity understands that they are strongly supportive of FREE MARKETS and against any type of government intervention.

      Conservatives need to be mindful of their values and principles. Many conservatives think they should be “pro business”. In my opinion that is wrong and what leads to crony capitalism. Conservatives should be “pro free markets”.

      And while the Chamber of Commerce has joined the line of people waiting for their “handouts” from their crony capitalist friends who control the taxpayer’s hard earned money, they are no different than the Wall Street crowd which bows on bended knee to their darling democrat cronies. Crony capitalism is an invention of liberal democrats and now the hypocrites are upset that their strategy does not favor them in this particular election. Democrats are simply disgusting.

      1. Anonymous

        this white house has systematically stonewalled and marginalized the us chamber and local chambers in all business policy matters since it took power. that is a matter of record. weiland is evidently ok with that. that is not ok with me, and evidently not ok with you either jammer. alrighty then

      2. Anonymous

        Was Cronyism really exclusively invented by Democrats? I would think it was invented by those from both parties that were bad actors.

        1. Jammer

          Nope – crony capitalism is 100% a liberal invention. And since most liberals are democrats, they earn the designation of being the “inventors of crony capitalism”.

          1. Anonymous

            That may be true, Jammer.. but the pragmatic RINOS love corruption and cronyism as much or more than the liberals.

            Aside from the stolen “R,” I see no difference.

              1. Anonymous

                How do you figure 95%? If SD Republicans were 95% moderates? RINOS wouldn’t lie to get into office by claiming they were conservatives!

            1. Jammer

              Unfortunately you are right. It is probably my single biggest disappointment with the Republican Party. However, I do think there is reason for hope.

              Please take a couple of minutes to read the article in the link below:


              Conservatives need to stand strong in their conservative beliefs and work hard at moving the Republican Party back to conservative principles. While many moderate Republicans will attempt to resist this effort, I believe it is only a matter of time before they realize not only is it the conservative thing to do but it will also be a winning political strategy for Republicans.

              I am not quite sure where these misguided moderates went astray, but let’s hope they finally come to their senses before it is too late. Thinking they can manage liberal programs using liberal principles better than democrats and be successful is delusional.

              1. PNR

                Crony capitalism was part of the Republican party at its inception. Check out MYTH OF THE ROBBER BARONS by Hillsdale College professor Byron Fulsom. The book details several instances of government efforts to “support” businesses in the years after the Civil War (when the GOP had pretty much a lock on Washington). Most of the time the politicians were being hoodwinked by businessmen to stifle up and coming competitors in the name of “encouraging” entrepreneurship.

                But, before that, the cronyism was with the agricultural/land interests and that meant primarily the slave interest in the antebellum years.

                You could say the parties are still like that. Republicans still support crony capitalists and Democrats still support crony slavers. The slavery is better hidden – illegal immigrants bound to certain employers, welfare dependents, forced union membership, and so on – but it’s still a form of plantation slavery.

        2. Anonymous

          cronyism was invented by and for, cronies. no party distinction involved. these people use the parties by standing on the head of the tallest party of the moment, to be ‘bigger’ than parties in power. enough of that. enough blaming the us chamber as well. the problem with cronyism is totally due to cronies. if you can be bought and sold, and buy and sell others, the shoe fits. don’t broad brush a lot of good people by blasting parties and organizations.

          1. Jammer

            WOW – you win the “circular” logic of the month award. Most people when they connect 2 dots get a straight line. Not a liberal – they are hopeless as well as helpless.

            By the way, I bet you didn’t know that it was grammatically incorrect to use the words “good people” and “democrat” in the same sentence?

            1. Anonymous

              There are no laws dictating that connecting two dots require a straight line. But your narcissistic personality would never allow you to admit that. You win the moron of the year award. Congrats!

      3. Anonymous

        Spot on Jammer! Republicans are pro free-market, which is the opposite of this EB5 GOEC cronyism crap!

  3. Kurt Evans

    The Wadhams claim that “all [Weiland] can do” is lie about Rounds is itself a lie.

    The Wadhams claim that Weiland is on the wrong side of “all the issues affecting South Dakota” is a lie.

    The Wadhams claim that Weiland “wants to destroy Medicare” is a lie.

    The Wadhams claim that South Dakota taxpayers haven’t lost money on the Northern Beef plant is a lie.

    The Wadhams claim that Weiland’s new ad “is an absolute lie across the board” is itself a lie.

    For the record, I’m extremely unlikely to vote for Rick Weiland, but it becomes more tempting almost every time I read that Dick Wadhams has once again opened his reckless, lying mouth.

    Do me a favor, Dick. Resign, go back to Colorado, and keep your crooked hands off my state.

    1. ***STALKER ALERT***

      Just a little public awareness from the local neighborhood watch. Restraining orders might have been issued here…

      1. Kurt Evans

        An anonymous commenter wrote about me:
        >”***STALKER ALERT***”

        Defamation alert: The South Dakota attorney general’s office falsely accused me of stalking during a protection order appeal before the state supreme court in early 2004, but I’ve never been allowed to see the DCI’s supposed evidence against me because Larry Long never filed a criminal charge.

    2. Anonymous

      Vote for the candidate, not the people speaking for him. If you even consider voting for Weiland over Rounds (I know you’re not a fan of either), I question your “L”.

    3. DR

      South Dakota DID has not lost money in the Northern Beef Packers. In fact they have made money – it is called taxes. The taxes that have been paid to date far exceeded the the amount given NBP.

  4. TheBigB

    Setting the EB-5 issue aside for just a moment, how does RW have $50K for an ad buy when he’s been telling us for a month that he can only afford 15 second TV commercials?

    1. Anonymous

      the argus did say that weiland was untruthful in one instance, and distortionally simplistic or misleadingly unforthcoming in at least two others. just sayin.

      1. BigDaddy

        But of course, the Argus was lying when they stated that $4.3 million in taxpayer dollars was lost in the Northern Beef Plant, right? Rounds and his crew needs to get the log out of their own eyes and use it to shut up their deceitful mouths.

    1. Felix

      Yes, Weiland the phoniest guy to come along some Forehead back in 2010. Didn’t Jarding help that guy too. Weiland is pathetic and this ad and their attack on the US Chamber reeks of desperation.

      1. Anonymous

        Sounds like you’re scared Weiland is making Rounds look even worse than what Rounds has done to himself.

        1. Anonymous

          I don’t think this makes Rounds look bad at all. At least not for the people in the know. Let him go negative I say!

  5. Liars are becoming all too common in SD Politics.

    All Stace, Hubbel, Bosworth, Howie and Weiland have done is lie this election cycle. Even Ravnsborg got into the lying with Ken Crow and Stranahan. Lying is contagious.

    1. Anonymous

      Anyone else notice that RINOs and liberals have a lot in common? When confronted with their crappy records, they both scream “liar” and blame others to distract from how they have voted and what they have done.

      Rounds is touting his chamber of commerce endorsement, which supports illegal immigration, while trying to distract from his involvement in the EB5 corruption scandal, and his previous weak public positions indicating amnesty support.

      But “Hey! Look over there! Stace Nelson, Lora Hubbel, Gordon Howie, Rick Weiland.. (snort, whimper, snarl, blubber) liars.. “

      1. Anonymous

        You can’t dispute facts. They did lie. Nelson spewed lie after lie via so many methods I don’t know how he kept track of them all. And now Weiland is resorting to lies. Nelson/Weiland are both lying Democrats. You just can’t change what they’ve done. It’s right out there for all to see. But just like Nelson’s lies didn’t hurt Rounds, Weiland’s won’t either.

  6. Anonymous

    Id bet a silver dollar that Weiland drives more of his voters to Pressler than he takes away from Rounds with the negative ads.

    1. Anonymous

      pp i posted the weiland letter that took up some space here yesterday for awhile. sorry about that, but when steve jarding is being a toolish rubber stamp for the national democrat agenda i like to share that. again, sorry.

  7. GLM

    As an independent I do a lot of reading. Can anyone tell me, of all the investments from the foreign peoples, what businesses have survived and thrived? Is there a list somewhere? I keep hearing about all the businesses that did not make it are there ones that DID MAKE IT?????