Welcome Jason Ravnsborg to Advertiser’s Row!

We have a new advertiser this morning!

Attorney General Candidate Jason Ravnsborg is joining us in advertiser’s row through the Republican Convention.

Please take a moment to click on his ad in the left column, and check out his website to find out more about his candidacy.

Don’t forget to visit the other advertisers who make it possible to bring you the best in politics such as the South Dakota Bankers Association,  the South Dakota Chapter of Americans for ProsperityKristi Noem for Governor, John Thune for US Senate, Dusty Johnson for Congress, the South Dakota Republican Party, and Marty Jackley for Governor.

Interested in advertising? We still have space available. Contact the webmaster for more details!

16 Replies to “Welcome Jason Ravnsborg to Advertiser’s Row!”

  1. John

    Powerful logo–a constant reminder that he is endorsed by a majority of the Sheriffs for Attorney General and the others are not.

    1. Anonymous

      It is on there in the lower right corner.

      I like the logo also. I like RED though…as Lee Felder in Vermillion says VOTE RED ENOUGH SAID!

  2. Ike

    Well, it’s an improvement. Not real fond of the keming in the name, though. Letter Space Matters!

  3. Troy Jones

    I like the new logo. At least I can tell the faces are from Mt. Rushmore and not some Masquerade Party.

  4. Anonymous

    How are people taking him seriously? If he gets the nomination, I might vote democrat for the first time.

    1. Anonymous

      I think that you shouldn’t be taken seriously…you anonymously smear him; when he is the hardest working person I have ever met, his background is amazing and he is likeable, something that is lacking in some of his opponents that is for sure. Plus law enforcement is with him, that is good enough for me.

      1. Anonymous

        Anon 11:31, I wouldn’t worry about a negative post from someone who doesn’t give anything to back up their childish jabs. He must be in the back pocket of one of the others running, or else a close friend or relative. Or, maybe it’s Stace!

    2. Anonymous

      Because he has spent years in the National Guard, done several overseas deployments, has been an attorney for years, and he is a hard-worker. Now I can understand if he’s not your guy, but a lot of people take him seriously; you, not so much.

        1. Anonymous

          My mistake; I do know that he has done tours overseas, so I think the general point stands, and I think it shows that Jason is a serious candidate and would do our state proud.

    1. Anonymous

      Was there a point to this post? If so, try to make it more clear so we can either agree or disagree with the point. Otherwise it’s a waste.