Welcome President Trump to Sioux Falls!

President Trump flew in and it was a brief interaction on the tarmac, but it was pretty good. From watching Air Force One fly in, to seeing the president gregariously interacting with the assembled crowd, it was an absolute treat.

Not sure who that is… Looks like Secret Service. (Yes, I know It’s Senator Rounds and Governor Daugaard.)

Senator John Thune and Congressional Candidate Dusty Johnson escorted by the Military

Senator Thune looks on as Air Force One taxis down the runway.

President Trump waves from Air Force One…

…and greets the assembled dignitaries

The President comes over to meet the group of people on the tarmac..

..and very graciously stops for shaking hands, pictures…

..and even a few selfies!

And as quickly as he flew in, the President’s motorcade was off to the convention center for the main event of the day!

I have to thank everyone for the opportunity to cover the president’s arrival in South Dakota. What a fun opportunity!

21 Replies to “Welcome President Trump to Sioux Falls!”

  1. Anonymous

    Didn’t Dugaurd and Thune both throw Trump under the bus just a few weeks shy of the 2016 general election? Odd that now they’d how out of their way to be first in line to get their pictures taken. Or maybe not; integrity isn’t a strong point for establishment types.

  2. Anonymous

    Good thing he didn’t drop out after his McCain capture and other statements! RINOs were predicting trump’s demise. Today those same people were licking his boots. Truly pathetic and wholly opportunistic. Hopefully conservatives can see through these frauds.

  3. Chplljj

    Thnx for photos Pat. We are a bit puzzled here as we do not see Mayor of Sioux Falls in mix not any city councillor not commissioner on behalf of city to greet President. Trump should have been given key yo city or some such thing???? Maybe they were at convention center??? Surprised no hospital representatives or T. Denny Sanford??? Must be politics preventing them from welcoming this President???? Again photos display the beauty of the day as weather was perfect. THNX

        1. Anonymous

          Was he? I wasn’t there, so I couldn’t say but, outside of your comment here, I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere by anyone.

          1. Anne Beal

            Both the Mayor and the First Lady of Sioux Falls were there. If I had known I was supposed to take a photo I would have.

  4. Anonymous

    This was a huge and exciting event in SD, AND for a good reason! We need to remember WHO ‘made it happen’. The reason was because of Kristi Noem, no one else. She invited the US President, the most powerful man in the world, and he came because he has so much respect for her. So let’s remember that some great things WILL happen, but ONLY if Kristi’s our governor!

      1. Fled to Red

        Unlike Thune and Dugaurd, Kristi seems to understand the importance of working with our party’s president.

        These guys have still not accepted: Hillary is not our president


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