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You might notice this morning that we have a new advertiser on the right hand side of the page – Redstone Law firm, LLP.   And actually, they’re not a new law firm. It’s the group of attorneys that make up Murphy, Goldammer & Prendergast, LLP who have changed their name.

So, why Redstone? It’s actually steeped in South Dakota history. It’s a reference to the quartzite that’s used all over South Dakota. As noted in one article:

…One afternoon when we were free, one of the local people who was very interested in historical stuff took us on a tour around the area and pointed out one of these monuments. I had lived in South Dakota and North Dakota all my life and had never seen or heard of them. It was a combination of my sense of history and fascination with quartzite.

When we went to Sioux Falls, we were surrounded by it — streets, curbs, buildings and houses were made out of quartzite, and I thought it was the most beautiful stone I had ever seen. It’s now crushed and used as aggregate in highways. If you drive Interstate 29 near Watertown and Brookings, S.D., and the concrete is wearing off, you see a pinkish hue to the concrete. That’s quartzite.

Q. What’s the story behind the monuments?

A. Sen. Richard Pettigrew was a senatorial representative when we were Dakota Territory. When South Dakota came into the union, he was one of the first U.S. senators from that state. He was a surveyor, a developer and a real go-getter.

Pettigrew wanted to develop Sioux Falls. There were about four or five railroads coming into the city. He probably had interests in all of them. He also wanted to develop the quartzite industry — the quarry industry. There were whole communities in Sioux Falls that were made up of stone cutters. Many of the buildings in Sioux Falls were made of quartzite and many of the buildings on the St. Augustina College campus were made of quartzite.

Read that here.

And in Sioux Falls, the “Red Stone” or pink quartzite is also the material the old County Courthouse is constructed from, hence another reference to the term:

So, as I ask you to do for all of our advertisers, please take a moment to visit their website, and to patronize the Redstone Law Firm!

redstoneAnd don’t forget to do the same for Senator Thune, Americans for Prosperity, Congresswoman Kristi Noem, and the Rushmore PAC.

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