Welcome SD Bankers Association to Advertiser’s Row!

2016surveyHere’s an exciting development for SDWC – I’m extremely pleased to announce the addition of the South Dakota Banker’s Association, which has been in South Dakota since 1884, to our roster of advertisers.

South Dakota Bankers have a very strong presence in our local communities (as you can tell from the report attached to their first ad) and as noted, “serve as stewards of their communities and the state in ways beyond routine banking services.”  As noted on one page of a recent survey of member banks:

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Local banks loaned and invested $254 Million in housing and community projects for low & moderate income residents; They donated $11 Million in charitable contributions and grants, which was exceeded by the $61 million that their employees put into it.  And they’ve volunteered over 150,000 hours with community organizations.

And let’s not forget the fact that the payroll of the 43 banks taking part in the survey put nearly $775 million into South Dakota’s economy through payroll.

As we move into political season where some politicians are declaring open season on lending institutions and making credit available to consumers, banking faces an uncertain future.  I’ve worked for a lending institution in the past, and as a REALTOR, I can tell you the availability and cost of credit and our system of banking should be a major concern for consumers.  We need to keep those things in mind when electing our leaders. And we need to be vigilant against attacks on them.

But, off of my soapbox…  Please check out their website, and take a moment to read how they positively affect our state!

And don’t forget our other advertisers, and check out their websites, such as United States Senator John ThuneAmericans for Prosperity SD Chapter, Congresswoman Kristi Noem,the fine barristers at Redstone Law Firm, Vote Yes on S – Marsy’s Law, as well as my own Dakota Campaign Store, one of the State’s largest suppliers of campaign materials.

2 Replies to “Welcome SD Bankers Association to Advertiser’s Row!”

  1. B K

    Thanks Pat for such a warm welcome. The bankers are rightfully proud of their efforts in and for their communities. Thanks for recognizing those efforts. I appreciate your comments and I know the bankers will also.