Well that ended quickly… and without dignity.

As noted yesterday at Argus Leader.com, by “Dr” Terry LaFleur:

“If I can get on the ballot, I can beat Kristi Noem and I can beat (Democratic nominee) Billie Sutton. Hands down. I can guarantee it,” LaFleur said.


Besides the legal action, LaFleur accuses the GOP of sending in secret agents to sabotage the Constitution Party: specifically, Lora Hubbel and Gordon Howie.

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And as noted this evening by the “Dr,” on Facebook:

I apologize to all of my supporters out there because all I have ever wanted to do was create a better, stronger future for the Good of all South Dakotans! However, the corrupt politicians of this sorry State want all of us under their thumbs until the day we all die.

Wherefore, the last act of my campaign is to endorse Billy Sutton as the next governor of South Dakota.

Read it here.

For someone who claimed a day or so ago that he could beat Congresswoman Noem and Billie Sutton ‘hands-down,’ Terry LaFleur certainly folded like a house of cards.

(Secret agent Lora strikes again.). So much for Terry’s campaign.

That ended quickly… and without dignity.

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  1. secret agent

    So the secret agent is really Terry …

    Tried to run as a Republican…then Constitution party and ends up endorsing a Democrat

    1. Anonymous

      Ha! Secret Agent LaFleur also says in his Facebook post that he’s withdrawing his “Intervention as of Right” in the legal battle. It looks like LaFleur and his associates may be trying to stay out from under perjury charges, considering the information in the comment at this link:

      Does all of this mean the Krebs-Bergan-Hubbel-Fluckiger secret conspiracy will continue to subvert our political process? Are Lori Stacey’s unilaterally appointed “party secretary” James Bialota and (presumably former) lieutenant governor candidate Rick Gortmaker still sticking with her faction of the party? Or is it down to just Lori?

      1. Anonymous

        Lori Stacey apparently updated the former state party website late yesterday evening, and Terry LaFleur’s name is gone from the candidate list. The only candidate left for the Lori Stacey “faction” of the party is Rick Gortmaker for lieutenant governor. It isn’t clear how that’s supposed to work without a candidate for governor.

        Lori seems to be sticking with the ridiculous lie that Joel Bergan held a meeting in his official capacity as central committee chair and appointed her interim chair on February 6, 2017, thus making her “the only legal and rightful State Chairman of the Constitution Party of South Dakota.”

        In Lori’s alternate universe, then, Joel’s recent resignation from the central committee left a vacancy in the vice-chair position, and she as chair-treasurer appointed someone named Michael Gunn as the new vice-chair. Then she resigned as treasurer and appointed Gunn treasurer. Then she resigned as chair to make Gunn chair-treasurer.

        Lori’s handpicked and unilaterally appointed “party secretary” James Bialota also remains aboard, so according to Lori, the state party central committee is now James Gunn (replacing Lori as chair-treasurer) and James Bialota (new secretary), both of whom were “appointed” at Lori’s sole discretion.

        In other words, Lori has resigned from the central committee, but she’s still adding to the messes she’s leaving behind. It looks like she even tried to backdate yesterday’s post to August 4. Michael Gunn would seem to be either Lori’s fellow con artist or her pawn and dupe.


        1. Anonymous

          Maybe this is obvious, but the reference to “James Gunn” in that comment was a mistake. As far as I know, there’s only one Gunn involved. Upon closer inspection, it also appears that “Michael” Gunn actually spells his name as Micheal.

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