Well, that should be interesting… Constitutional party apparently nominates for US Senate and Legislative seat.

Apparently, yesterday the Constitution party decided that they’re going to try to act outside of state law, and sue to get their people on the ballot instead of using the normal primary process.

Good luck with that.

From Ballot Access News:

The Constitution Party is ballot-qualified in South Dakota. However, under the law, it can’t nominate candidates for Congress or legislature by convention, even though it can nominate for certain other partisan offices by convention. Nevertheless, on June 9 (Actually, July 9, -PP), it did hold its state convention and it did nominate a candidate for U.S. Senate and one for the legislature.

Read that here.

I can only guess who those are. (I’m thinking Lori Stacey for Senate, and Lora Hubbel for Legislature.).  Anyone finding anything I missed?

3 Replies to “Well, that should be interesting… Constitutional party apparently nominates for US Senate and Legislative seat.”

  1. Anonymous

    So they nominated 2 people to offices in violation of the law and no one for the office they could have legally nominated one to, PUC. Shaking my head

  2. Anonymous

    I hope that there is a judge in South Dakota that will stop the Dems and Reps from controlling ballot access. It’s not like the constitutional party is costing millions in taxpayer dollars to run its endorsements elections like the Dems and Reps do.

    The state has no real reason for regulating the method in which a political party nominates it’s candidates. In fact, the Dems and Reps should take a hint and do away the primary process for a series of convention level endorsements. You’ll get better candidates with a deeper knowledge of the issues as activists will want to know more than their lame biographical information. Also candidates will work to make sure that the parties are well funded and that delegates are normal.

    How many really think that John Thune or Dennis Daugaard would allow the crazies to be delegates at the Rep Convention? They wouldn’t. They’d work to make sure their supporters are delegates.


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