Well, that was interesting. Kurt Evans not a happy person. But I’m willing to offer his side of the tale.

I just received an uninvited call while I was in the middle of making dinner for my children.   Kurt Evans apparently tracked down my phone number and called me up.   He wasn’t very happy.

Apparently, he’s taking issue with my reporting the information he put up on the internet for God and everyone to see that he’d struck his mother, specifically that I was using  specific term as shorthand for it.

Of course, that dovetailed into him being mad that some of us took his comments about Catholics & Mormons being prone to cronyism as bigotry.  He also claimed that everyone is mistaken about the accusations against him in reference to stalking. Despite the protection order, being kicked off of the SDSU campus, etc.

He started to go into how Chad Haber is trying to help some kid, and then it started to digress, but you get the hint.

In the interest of accuracy, I’m willing to cease using the term he found offensive regarding the manner in which he struck his mother.

But that doesn’t obviate the fact that Kurt has put a lot of unflattering information out on the Internet about himself, in addition to some that’s long been reported by South Dakota’s media. Some of it information that that none of us would have had a clue about, had he not placed it out on the internet for everyone to read.

And then some time later decided to run for office.

I’m not quite sure how to handle a candidate for office who has posted statements to the Internet, and then complains about them being pointed out.

Giving it some thought, I suppose the best way would be to offer Kurt space here to tell his side of the story.

If he thinks things are being mischaracterized from what he’s posted in the comment section here, and what he’s posted at various places on the Internet, and wants to tell his side of things, I’m game.

The offer is extended for to Kurt to respond, without any editing on my part (but please keep it a reasonable length).

Kurt, if you want to tell your side of the tale, you can e-mail me here.

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