Well that’s interesting. Ellee Spawn no longer has warrants in Minnehaha County.

Former Democrat state legislative candidate and momentary Democrat/Socialist Congressional wannabe Ellee Spawn apparently is no longer be a wanted person in the eyes of Minnehaha County.

As a check of Minnehaha County’s “Gotwarrants.org” this AM shows the warrants that stood against her for a long, long time, which were evident as late as mid-September, aren’t there anymore.

Republican legislative candidate Joseph Sopko had his warrant for non-support of a minor child cleared up within a day or so of being noted. But Spawn? Her warrants were out for quite a while during her wishful run for Congress.  I’d been told they may have contributed to her early fundraiser in Pierre falling apart.

Which is a good reminder to candidates. Before you set yourself out there to be a representative of the people and start campaigning, take a moment and research yourself before you start researching your opponents.