Well, you do know Ogres are like onions. We have many layers. Hubbel-craft blames “Republican Bloggers” for her loss.

Interesting note in the Argus this AM:

A Republican state senator survived a primary challenge from a former lawmaker who sought to connect with Donald Trump supporters and other anti-establishment voters.

Sen. Deb Peters of Hartford received 56 percent of 1,010 votes cast in the District 9 primary, defeating Lora Hubbel, who earned 43 percent of the vote.

“I think it just proves that the positive messaging works,” Peters said Tuesday night.



Hubbel blamed her loss in part on Republican bloggers, which she called the “ogres of the Republican party.”

Read it all here.  Upon reading this in the Argus this am, an artistic friend was kind enough to send this over..


Well, you do know Ogres are like onions. We have many layers.

Getting out of the brain of Lora Hubbel, and back into reality, the reality was that this was her petty way of trying to portray her ill-fortunes in the race.  She didn’t lose the race, as much as Deb Peters dominated it.

Deb Peters absolutely worked her butt off as hard as I’ve ever seen any candidate run, and she did an exemplary job. At the same time Lora brought crazy, unfounded smears.

Believe me, I’d love to say it was all my doing. I’d wear it as a feather in my Twins cap. But I can’t in all honesty do so, because it was all Deb, and Lora wasn’t competing at anything resembling a competent level.

5 Replies to “Well, you do know Ogres are like onions. We have many layers. Hubbel-craft blames “Republican Bloggers” for her loss.”

  1. Anonymous

    Basically what I saw from this race is that Lora is nUtZ and that she lost by 128 votes.

    Peters is weak but she benefits from Lora being nUtZ.

  2. Anonymous

    If Peters had a serious conservative opponent, she would have lost, perhaps by a landslide. The term RINO gets used to often, but it is appropriate regarding Peters. It is difficult to distinguish her voting record and that of the ultra-Left Hawks.

  3. MC

    A couple of notes about Lora:
    She is very smart, and most likely of the most conservatives in the state.
    She is very articulate and knows how to express herself.
    When she sinks into something she will follow it to bitter end, and sometimes a bit further. That can be a good thing however the subjects she chooses to support normally gives her the tin hat title.
    She is a horrible campaigner, I only received mailing from her campaign, no phone calls, one e-mail, no newspaper ads. I haven’t seen her at any public events, she never visited by home. I saw only two yard signs.
    If she wants someone to blame she first look in the mirror.