We’ve got 4 – now 4 – do we have 5 Republican Attorney General Candidates?

(Sorry. Couldn’t help but flash back to my auctioneer days.)

The Attorney General’s race seems to be showing some signs of growing from the field of the 4 current candidates. The word on the street is that Charles McGuigan, Jason Ravnsborg, Lance Russell and John Fitzgerald might be joined by former Butte County States Attorney Jim Seward, who’s most recent public service was as general counsel to Governor Dennis Daugaard from 2011 through 2016.

The word I’ve been hearing since this weekend is that Seward is making phone calls and testing the waters to see if there’s room for him to enter the already crowded field.

A Rapid City Journal article on his departure last year had Governor Daugaard praising Seward’s work during his tenure.

The governor praised Seward’s time in the Capitol, describing him as a valued member of his executive committee.

“Jim led our state’s efforts to reform the criminal justice system and our ongoing efforts to repeal unnecessary statutes and rules,” Daugaard said. “He has been a trusted confident and advisor and more importantly a good friend. I will miss him, but I wish him the very best.”

Read that here.

Will he make the leap and join the field? Stay tuned!

10 Replies to “We’ve got 4 – now 4 – do we have 5 Republican Attorney General Candidates?”

  1. Anonymous

    I can’t think of one states attorney who would support him after pushing SB 70 through which has been a disaster.

    1. Anonymous

      I know many delegates who would support him because he’s a very good candidate. He’s more of a rockstar. And let’s not forget state’s attorneys aren’t involved because they don’t want to pick sides between McGuigan and Fitzgerald. Ask them.

      Let’s also not forget that the AG, state’s attorney association and most legislators voted for SB 70.

      Republicans want to win. If Seward gets in he will be a big enthusiastic personality that could really change this race instantly.

      Doesn’t mean he wins but he’s a strong contender.

      1. Nonymouse

        When you state that the State’s Attorney Association voted for SB 70 you are incorrect on two fronts. Firstly, the SA Association doesn’t vote on legislation, legislators do. Secondly, against the membership and with only slim support from the Board, Paul Bachand met with Seward after New Years and agreed to go along with the Governor and the Chief Justice. Mr. Seward sold/bullied a bad bill of sale into every courthouse in the State, and now that Meth is up 32% this year over last…..and no going to prison for this offense, we owe Seward a great deal of credit for pushing the legalization of this terrible narcotic in order to save some dollars in the DOC budget. Yeah, Jim Seward……go back to the BH Corp.

  2. grudznick

    Clearly a most chaotic race with fellows running the gamoot from insaner than most to mostly normal. And all of them are handsome devils!

  3. Anonymous

    Seward will be disappointed to find little to nothing in support. Maybe him and Hubbel can join up for the perfect ticket.

  4. nonymouse

    Mr. Seward, please return to your cushy job at the Black Hills Corporation and leave our criminal justice system alone. You, sir, have done enough damage with both juvenile and adult reform.

  5. Anon

    My analysis: The establishment and legal community is concerned about the possibility of Jason Ravnsborg (or even Lance Russell) winning this race and doesn’t think McGuigan or Fitzgerald can beat him so they’re looking for an alternative.

    Don’t be surprised, if Seward gets in, if McGuigan departs the race shortly after.

  6. Anonymous

    Contested races are a sign of a healthy party and a party with diverse ideas.

    I’m not sure how many positions are open seats in 2018 but if races aren’t contested we are deprived of choices. We need to let the cream rise to the top.

    With 4 people in the race it makes me think Seward feels he has something to add to the conversation in 2018. Good for him. Good for the other 4 already running. High praise to go around.

    Why aren’t there any Democrats running for AG? These races should be contests of ideas.

    *Brunner is a top notch incumbent and should be met with a coronation across party lines.


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