What did you think of Trump’s speech last night?

I caught part of Donald Trump’s speech last night, and I have to admit, there were a few things I liked. This was the first time I’d heard some of the things I’d wanted to hear from the candidate regarding jobs, taxation, energy policy, etcetera. If he continues campaigning based on his promise of improving our nation’s business climate, He may be able to unify the GOP behind him.

What do you think?

19 thoughts on “What did you think of Trump’s speech last night?”

  1. Corey Whattaburger on Belfrage this morning pulled out a Hitler reference to refer to Trump’s speech. What school is stupid enough to have that twit as a teacher? Pull your kids out now before they are brainwashed by that idiot!

    I think that Trump needs to work on his delivery; volume alone isn’t enough. He needs to appeal to those who are not simply angry, he needs to appeal to those who want to hear more concrete plans, not just, “I am going to do this, I will be the this president”.

  2. He’s one heckofa candidate. I really am glad we put him in there and not that Ted Cruz or his little buddy Isaac “the ISIS slayer” Latterell. I hope he loses and I hope that he doesn’t show his face at anymore GOP functions in SD.

    I have 0 tolerance for the self righteous and look at me types. I am the most Christian, I am the most pro-life, I am the most conservative, I am the most awesome, I am, me me me me. That’s all these tool bags are self righteous people that are the conservative movements worst enemy.

    They had their chance with Cruz and he didn’t get enough votes to win. Now Trump has come along and taken over the GOP – maybe only for one election but he won and it’s his turn to give it a try against the Dems.

    If Cruz wants to come back in 2020 that’s fine. I’ll never vote for him but he has the right to try again. Now it’s his turn to support Trump.

    If you oppose Donald Trump then you support Hillary Clinton.

    Trumps speech was good but it was long. Hillary will be shrill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I appreciate Trumps vision for America. America FIRST. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

    1. So, so funny, are you sure you are not speaking of T when you say me, me, me? That is all he says. I do not know if T can unite people, or at least enough to get him elected President.

  3. Like how is he going to pay for all vets to go to hospitals, when the Republicans vote against mandatory funding health care for veterans who are on a mean test.

    1. it was all probably part of some bigger bill with major poison pill in it, one no republican could support.

    1. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.

      If you like your health insurer, you can keep your health insurer.

      I did not receive or forward any classified emails.

      I did not receive or forward any emails marked as classified.

      I did not have sexual relations with that woman.

      Fact check: ALL lies.

  4. Mike Rounds says in the Argus that Trump has uphill climb to beat Hillary, he doesn’t sound very enthusiastic at all.

  5. He has to say something finally that sounds legit or “presidential.” If not some people may start to see the swindle that has been pulled to get Hillary elected, and the perpetuation of our bankrupt war economy. He won on emotional dribble and rhetoric, not core values. Did he even use the word “US Constitution” once? The Octopus will all out this time; an expensive tool, a good actor, though he is still simply a tool. After this debacle the GOP will have no need to adhere to principle or any ideological depth. It is a different country now though most people are too sleepy in front of their TVs to see it.

  6. His speech was a red-faced, screaming soliloquy from a dictator-loving loon. I know that is a harsh assessment but consider this from Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard yesterday:

    “His (Trump’s) amplification of the Cruz-Oswald conspiracies is part of a long pattern of embracing crazy. He hinted that Antonin Scalia was murdered. He’s suggested autism is linked to vaccinations. He claimed “thousands” of Muslims celebrated in the streets of New Jersey after 9/11. He said many people consider Vince Foster’s death a “murder” and called it “very fishy.” And before he ran for president, his deepest foray into politics was a campaign to prove that Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States. (It failed.)”

    Oh… and don’t forget his claims that Bush knew about 9/11 and Ted Cruz is not a US citizen. Give that man control of thousands of nuclear weapons? If I voted to do that, I would be as crazy as the nominee.

  7. Our group has solidly stood behind God and the GOP. In fact, Kristi and John have been guests at our coffees, and several local legislators have us on speed-dial. We bleed Republican red. Yet, when we watched the convention we just don’t see a President in Trump. Patty, our group historian, put it well, “I guess you can be in your seventies and still be a child.” We like some of the comments about economic growth and national security, and we all want to see the resurrection of the shining city on the hill, but Trump talks more about settling scores, his wife being in a naughty magazine, and comes off like a bad Bravo episode of Jersey Wives. We feel bad for Mike Pence, and will pray for him. Mr Trump will get our prayers too, but I think our work this year will be local rather than national. Give us a call John and Kristi!

    1. I can only imagine that any local recreational drug sellers have all in your “group” on speed dial, too.

  8. Mr. Anonymous, we will pray for you too. Do be mindful, however, that although we aren’t rich and powerful, we always give at the maximum level, each one of us. We believe in the GOP, just not Mr. Trump.

  9. Trump was not my first choice, but neither was Romney or McCain. We must get behind Trump or this country will continue the wrong direction. The Supreme Court will rubber stamp left-wing policies, do away with impediments to tyrannical takeover like the bill of rights and the federal division of powers. The focus must be Hillary’s record not Trump’s personality and we will win.

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