What Do We Do Now?

After reading the comments here, at other blogs, news stories and op-ed’s it appears few people (if any) are impressed with the The Budget Control Act of 2011 that was recently signed into signed law. Fewer people are impressed with Standard & Poor’s downgrading of the United States credit rating.

Bob Ellis at the Dakota Voice:

I don?t know about you, but it makes me mad as hell and breaks my heart at the same time to see this great and wonderful blessing known as America humiliated and kneecapped by a bunch of self-serving socialists and milquetoast pantywaists?when it just doesn?t have to be this way!

It thought it odd that no one is looking at S&P, or their analysis.

Officials at the Treasury Department fought the downgrade until virtually the last minute. Administration sources familiar with discussions said the S&P analysis was fundamentally flawed.

Wait, there it is.

Of course the blame game is in full swing.

From Ken Connor at the Dakota Voice :

Meanwhile, Washington dithers and finger pointing abounds.  The President blames the Congress, the Democrats blame the Republicans, the Republicans blame the Democrats, and the media blames the Tea Party ? the audacity that these newbies would stand on principle and affirm their campaign promises to actually cut spending!

Heads should roll over this:

Republicans Want Geithner to Walk The Plank After Credit Downgrade

The bill has been passed, and signed into law, our credit rating is circling he drain; now what?

There have been calls to call congress back from the August recess. I have no idea what they will do, but okay. The 20 most powerful nations in the world held an emergency conference call because of the downgrade. I have no idea what they can do, most of those counties are broke too.

What do we do now?

We are at our best when our back is against the wall. Back in 1776, the British Empire should have crushed those 13 colonies, after all, how dare they defy the mighty King of England. In WWII, the German, Japanese armies were trying to make the world their own. We fired up the American war machine, and let them know under no uncertain terms, they were to play nice. During the cold war, we stood our ground. Now we face our greatest, most powerful, horrible enemy ever. They are in the mirror right now, Go have a look if you want, I’ll wait. Did you see them? They may have looked okay, however, he is very devious.

What do we do now?

The answer is fairly simple. Take some personal responsibility, for yourself, your family, your community and your state.

Get a job. It may not be what you are used to, or trained to do, but I guarantee what you do will be worth more than any paycheck. Don’t have a job, then make one. Joe Prostrollo did, at 33rd and Minnesota in Sioux Falls with his hotdog stand. If you know how to grow things, grow some vegetables at one the community gardens, then sell them at the farmer’s market. You get the idea.

Give back to your community. Help a neighbor replace his roof, or fix their computer, If they have fallen on hard times, maybe stop by with a bag of groceries, or fill their gas tank. Volunteer with local organizations, your church, the American Red Cross, local animal shelters, etc. Serve on local committees and boards. Donate to charitable organizations, don’t make a big deal about, just a quiet donation. Take part and community events.

Learn who your leaders are, all of them. Not just our Washington delegation, but state legislators, county commissioners, mayor, and city council members as well as your township boards. Learn the issues, and voice your opinion at public meetings. E-mail, or write your representatives. What I have been hearing from those that have been elected is they want to hear from you. The lobbyist may have all the money, but you the people have all the power. If there is a spot that is not be filled, don’t be afraid to step up and say ?I’ll do it.?

Do not accept government money without providing some kind of service or product. The problem with taking government money is it is taken from someone else.

Sounds good, right? It won’t work!

As long as it is someone’s job to hand out money, and they have money to hand out, there are going to be people lining up to take it, reguardless of the strings attached.

Something that people who routinely use government services have learned, that when one programs ends, the money doesn’t just go away. It gets put into another program. Here is another interesting tidbit, government program almost never have left over money. If someone in charge of that program sees that there might be some money left over, they will find something to spend it on. The idea is if there is money left over, they won’t get that amount the next budge cycle. They are trying to save their government job. The government will not do without, in fact, if they can they try to find more of need.

At least not until we elect people who don’t care about the next re-election and have the guts to stand up, and make cuts that need to be made. Not until our leaders demand full accountability.

When our backs against the wall, I mean really a corner, we will snap out of money coma and make things happen.

What are we to do now?

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  1. Spencer

    I think we all need to make sacrifices with the entitlements that we receive or are promised. Social Security/Medicare need to have their eligibility dates pushed back. Put in place a curve that does not affect those close to retirement while those with retirement dates farther out have their dates increasingly pushed back accordingly. I would rather retire at the age of 80 than live in the global anarchy that will come to be known as the Great American Sunset if we don?t get our house in order on our debt.

    I guess I will offer a silver lining to S & P?s downgrade. It may end up being the only impetuous that scares us enough, early enough, to do anything meaningful about our impending debt calamity. Even with all of China?s grumbling on our debt, they are not likely to do anything meaningful about it. They are hooked on our phony wealth just as much as we are. They make money off the interest on America?s credit card, and we also happen to be their best customer.

  2. 73*

    I wonder what would happen if 536 people in DC resigned and then we elected new people who would pledge not to hire anyone with previous DC experience?

    New congress, New senate, New president.

    I’ve had enough of the blame game from both sides. I would like to see policy discussions about solving our fiscal problems.

    1. Anonymous

      I don’t know why we put so much stock in S&P anyway. They were totally wrong about the mortgage rates and the financial colapse a few years ago.

      Our country is not worse off for investors than we were during the banking collapse in ’08 so why down grade us now instead of then?

      I don’t like Obama’s policies but our economy is better now then when the banking industry was going under…

  3. Anonymous

    I’d rather have congress in DC because when they go home they spend all their time fundraising rather than doing actual work to solve the problems.

    Fight it out in DC and that means less money and time to spend contemplating a reelection strategy.

    1. MC Post author

      Forget about Kristi, John and Tim. They are suppose to work for us.

      What are you going to do to help you and your neighbors lower the demand for goverment assistance?

  4. Rick Perry

    Pray for all the sick people to get well and for all the elderly people to get young, so they can all get middle class jobs, buy more stuff that is manufactured somewhere else, pay their taxes and provide more money for the rich. If you pray hard enough, this will happen.

    Oh, and for Obama to go away. Pray really hard for that. He inherited a set of perfect circumstances and he has messed everything up.

    Oh, and for the TEA Party to get stronger and stand on their principles, no matter what.

    1. Spencer

      Pray that liberals wake up and realize that ALL of their blessed entitlements are toast if we don’t deal with our debt now while we still can.

  5. Duh

    Impeach the worst President ever! He and his toadie Gietner (sp?) are so far over there heads, I’m amazed that they even try to get out of bed in the morning. They couldn’t operate a potato gun, let alone the most powerful economic engine in the world.

    1. FMJ

      What would be gained from impeaching Obama? We would stuck with Biden, and if he goes we would be stuck with H. Clinton. We would just be going from bad to worse to worst.

        1. duggersd

          Then at least things would be looking up! However, I do not believe incompetence rises to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors. Perhaps being in violation of the War Powers Act could be a reason, but not incompetence. Of course if BHO were out of the way, it would open the door for a Hillary run….

    2. feasant

      If something happens to President, the order is VP, Speaker of the House.

      I hope this “wake up call” actually wakes up the public. How long can we continue to spend more than we take in? I thought this would blow up years ago. It is time we demand that our legislators cut spending. The first cuts will be the easiest, cut any funding to illegals, what part of illegal can’t the Government figure out?

    3. Job Creator

      The moron Bush is no longer eligible to be impeached.

      Duh, how would you have handled the whole mess Obama inherited?

      The economy in free-fall with the Bush deficits, debt and the TARP fiasco and the loss of over 45,000 manufacturing jobs, with the market losing millions of jobs every month?

      The answer is NOT tax cuts.

      Two wars that he didn’t start, but which Bush made the commitment to at least $2 Trillion in spending that was off the books where some of you “could not see it.” Oh, and add in that idiotic Medicare drug plan that wasn’t paid for either. Probably the worst public or private program ever implemented. Blame the Democrats, but this was a Republican bill signed by a Republican President.

      A stock market that had plunged to historic losses.

      No wonder people were angry.

      I guess the only place the Republicans could go was more tax cuts – and breaking promises made to people who paid into programs for decades.

      You know, I am no fan of Obama. But I am sick and tired of the bullshit that is floating around this place and every place so-called “conservatives” hang out. It’s time to kick them out and it’s time to kick the liberals out. Let’s bring in the Realists!

      1. duggersd

        OK, Bush is gone. He has been gone for the past 2 1/2 years. Since Bush has been gone, BHO has added how many trillion to the deficit? Don’t forget the 2009 budget could not get passed because the Senate Democrats refused to pass one until a new President was elected. Let’s see BHO inherited. He inherited TARP funds that HE had the discretion to spend http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/01/15/AR2009011504253.html. Then there was the “stimulus” fund that was supposed to keep the unemployment rate at or below 8%. How much was that????? About $800,000,000 of borrowed money? How is that working out for us? Then there is the taking over of two companies in the auto industry. You can argue this was a good move, but we are still losing money over that. I probably do not need to mention BHO’s medical program that is anything but affordable and killing jobs. And do we need to look at all of the regulations his administration has implemented, bypassing the legislative branch. Since you bring up two wars, are you saying Afghanistan is not a war we should be in? OOOOOKAAAY. And since you do not like Iraq and since it was winding down at the end of the Bush Administration and since the Obama Administration has put pressure on the Iraqi government, just how is that Bush’s fault? Obama has been incompetent from the beginning and it is about time the Chosen One takes some of the responsibility for his policies and recognizes they have not worked and put us in a much worse position than we were in when he took office.

        1. Job Creator

          Again, I call bullshit on you on all but one of your “points”. The majority of the health care bill doesn’t even come into play for almost two years. You are absolutely incorrect in saying it is killing jobs. That is simply more company bullshit you are spewing. Plain and simple.

          As for the wars, I think all of us who are paying attention know now what we knew then – we should not have entered either of these wars. They are both founded on manipulation and lies.

          Unless you haven’t been paying attention, only recently there were less than 200 Al Queda in Afghanistan. We have spent hundreds of billions of dollars hunting a few cave dwelling phantoms. Unless you believe in the bait and switch program that Bush scammed us in to.

          The one thing we agree on is that Bush has been gone for some time now, but his massive failures and the failures of the Congress, which the Republicans controlled for six of his eight years will haunt us for 40 years – maybe more.

          As I said, I am no fan of Obama, but he is not the devil and he did not cause all of these problems like so many here would mislead us to believe. He has contributed – no doubt.

          But you missed the opportunity to tell us all what YOU would have done. If you say “cut taxes or default on our promises to the millions of people who have paid into the system for decades,” you have no credibility.

          Other than cutting taxes for the rich and defaulting on our promises, what are your solutions?

          1. duggersd

            First things first. I would suggest getting rid of ObamaCare. Yes it is killing jobs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jskjci1ZL9Q&feature=player_embedded
            Cut corporate taxes. They are not that large of the revenue stream anyway. Make it so companies want to invest. Speaking of wanting to invest, roll back all of the job killing regulations passed by the Obama administration in the past 2 1/2 years. Roll back spending to 2007 levels. Yes it hurts. Include the military in that. Means testing for Social Security. No, I am not happy about that, but it is a time bomb. For future generations, allow SS to become part of their own retirement fund. Bush tried to do that, but the idea was killed. Time to re-look at that. Medicare needs to be addressed. Perhaps people will have to actually pay more. If it is a health insurance thing, then what people pay should reflect the actual costs.
            BTW, your facts about control of Congress are interesting. Um, the Republicans controlled the House when Bush came into office, but not exactly in the Senate. Republicans & Democrats were evenly divided until May of 2001. Then the Dems had control until 2003. Dems re-took control in 2007. If you look at the deficits, they skyrocket after 2007. Just sayin’.

  6. Duh

    If Oblabla got impeached, I would take Biden 7 times a week and twice on Sunday. Biden would ride the wave and not intentionally try to destroy the country like Oblabla’s been doing.

    1. Spencer

      Duh, you may be right. It takes a really special person to erase $4.5 trillion in wealth in five days. But, Obama is apparently up to that task.

      1. Job Creator

        Spencer, that is so much crap. I guess when your boy bush oversaw the evaporation of $6 trillion in wealth in 2000 and $9 trillion in wealth in 2007/2008 he was your genius. Hail Bush! Of course, like so many myopic nuts in here, your entire political, economic and global history starts three years ago, so I’m sure you do not remember those dark and scary days.

        Obama did not erase the wealth, the shysters on Wall Street did. Now watch them buy in beginning Wednesday and show a nice, easy 25% gain for their firms just on this event. And then they’ll bonus themselves $60 or $70 billion because they knew how to be in the right place at the right time.

        The suckers who are buying their mutual fund products in the 401(k)s, mutual funds and other fool bets are paying for all of this. Not really the most intelligent thing a person could do, eh?

        Make you a deal. If you admit that Bush was responsible for erasing $15 million of wealth, I’ll agree with you that Obama is responsible for the $4.5 billion in this round.

        And we’ll both know we’re wrong.

          1. duggersd

            Is Bush responsible for the evaporation of $6 trillion in 2000? Now this is very interesting. I know Bush has been blamed for a lot of things by President Obama, but now he is being blamed for things that happened before he was even President!
            BTW, Job Creator, I am curious. In what industry do you create jobs? How many people do you employ?

            1. Job Creator

              I have several businesses – mostly in real estate development and management. I employ 32 people and have created 6 new South Dakota jobs in 2011. My businesses are growing because we are out there doing good quality work. I am not “waiting to do something because of uncertainty” like you’re hearing. My business is growing because there is demand. Not because I pay lower taxes.

              I also own two Internet marketing businesses which are just now beginning to put some coin back in my pockets. I collect a lot of sales tax for South Dakota with these businesses.

              As far as Bush making $6 trillion evaporate – of course that is ludicrous. Just as ludicrous as some of uninformed comments made here about Obama being responsible for erasing $4.5 trillion.

              1. duggersd

                First, I respect anybody who is able to get a business going and run it. So I am curious as to when you will say “I do not want to do any more.” Are you willing to grow beyond 50 employees and then be forced into the ObamaCare program of providing insurance for your employees or will you pay the fine or will you stay below 50? What is the maximum marginal tax rate are you willing to pay? If the government takes 38%, is that OK with you? 40%? 45%? 50%? 60%? When do you stop making more? I can assure you, this administration has people like you in their sights.

                1. Job Creator

                  That 50 employee threshold has absolutely no bearing for me because (i) the efforts of every employee I have make a profit for me and (ii) I grow my business based on demand and not what I think a government may or may not do. Besides, I already provide full benefits for my employees. As far as taxes go – I get taxed on my net – not on my gross as so many manipulators would have you believe. I paid a far higher percentage of my income under Reagan than I do today. I could easily handle an increase.

  7. Duh

    The first time the US hasn’t had a AAA rating since 1917 which is probably forever. Simply the worst President ever. Are we scared yet? Come on Pinheads, tell me how Oblabla inherented problems from Bush? How about the AAA rating he inherited? The 5.7% unemployment Oblabla inherited? All supporters of Oblabla should be deported to the third world country of their choosing. I read an article that the US may be entering Pre-revolutionary. Great. With 47% of citizens not paying taxes, I can guess which side their going to be on in this class warefare fire that Oblabla has been stoking…


    I have to leave now to start collecting beaver pelts for my next gallon of gas…

    1. duggersd

      Duh, on the good side, oil has been falling lately. At least I think it has. Wow, I did not think I would see the day when I would say $85/barrel is good!

    2. Job Creator

      I’m afraid that Obama’s supporters won’t have to leave here to live in a third-world county. We have already shown that our governing body is not much more than what we see in a typical banana republic. Yes, that does include all of them, including the Democrats, the traditional Republicans and the new, improved brand. Bleccchhh.

      1. MC Post author

        Obama is not the problem, he is not helping. Presidnet Bush didn’t help matters either. But the root of the problem is us. We all want the government to do something, or give us money or get the bad guy or whatever. THIS HAS TO STOP We have to change our ways if we expect our government to change.

        1. Job Creator

          You’re wrong. I expect my government to keep the bad guys from taking over, keep roads and water and sewer working for me.

          I hope to make sure our weakest and most vulnerable citizens are protected. I want to make sure every American has the ability to get a real quality education because that is the strongest investment in our future.

          I want the government to keep corporate criminals from polluting our water, air, soil and food and I want the government to keep the shysters from manipulating the financial markets. I want them to keep the violent criminals in check and away from the good people of our society.

          I want them to let those who are able help pay for these good things that they benefit from too. These are all things I cannot do by myself. I need a government to do these things – and many more – for me. And I am willing to pay for what I want.

          Not one part of my expectations has a thing to do with the government giving me a handout, so I must be on the right track. Which of these things would you disagree with, MC?

  8. MOSES

    Duh strictly a republican with no chance to come back to the real life.How about two unfunded wars like Obama was president when these started, you are a piece of work.

  9. Anonymous

    I would like to see the politicians go back to DC and work, fight do whatever they have to to get something accomplished. If they have to lock themselves in a room for the month of August until something happens then good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    August Recess is NOT a time to meet with constituents it is a time for elected officials to go out and hold 10-20 fundraisers and build up campaign war chests. (and then second priority is to meet with constituents)

    But the real reason for August recess is to hold fundraisers. It is discouraging. They should get themselves back to DC and not come hom until (accept for an occassional town hall) they have solved some of the problems.


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