What do you think of this?

I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around this facebook post someone sent me by Rep. Lora Hubbel.

Lora Hubbel Facebook post


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  1. Anon

    more hubbel lunacy. is that lab even connected to sanford health or are they just a recipient of funds from t. denny sanford? big difference. but facts shouldn’t get in the way of hubbel’s delusions of philosophical grandeur.

  2. the real anon

    Is this post a violation on Regan’s 11th commandment?? Really? …you’re innocently trying to wrap you mind around this post? I think I sense a bit of sarcasm… tisk tisk Mr. Clay…

  3. Anonymous

    Careful. She ranks pretty high on the purity test meter and was a signer going after Republican leadership. Guessing her desire to pass more regulations on to business might be hard to understand in that type of framework.

  4. Spencer

    Either $20 million to Sanford is like flipping a nickel to a blind beggar on the street or Sanford is utterly clueless to the fact that science is leaving embryonic stem cell research behind for greener pastures.

    When considering some of the things we are doing now with adult stem cell research like treating burn victims: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXO_ApjKPaI and replacing organs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1ewAheYSXs , one has to wonder why Sanford insists on trying to ram this square peg into a round hole. You would think that 20+ years of research on embryonic stem cells would have produced something promising if it were actually going anywhere by now, but outside of genetically-engineered invasive tumors, it hasn’t produced anything as of yet.


    I know Lora Hubbel. She is a nice lady. Her problem is that she has diareah of the mouth when she types or blogs. She is also a conspiracy theorist to the MAX. If she could tone some of her rhetoric down she would be a much more effective legislator.

    But she’s a rockstar in the tea party and christian movement so Deb Peters and others should be careful. (Not that I am a Peters supporter in the least)

  6. Classic Hubbel Quotes

    Where does she come up with this stuff? Talons, flesh, pierces and shackles all words that she uses to define her major goals in the next session…

    Major Goals:
    Wrestling the federal government’s talons out of South Dakota’s flesh. Getting rid of PPACA as it pierces the pocketbook of our people. Getting rid of REAL ID as it shackles our freedoms with Big Brother rules and surveillance.


  7. mhs

    Apparently inter-party class warfare seems to be the new rage in the GOP. Whether Romney / Gringrich or Hubbel / (who the Hell knows), we’re pretty much handing a guy that makes Jimmy Carter look good a second term.

    Although she may have a point about Real ID . . .

  8. Gary Jerke

    If this is true and I would like more evidence regarding this then as a county chair (although inactive at present) I believe we as a Republican party need to decide if we want to continue to create meaningless platforms or have a simple resolution that we as a party (be it Republican or Democrat) will simply sell our souls to the highest bidder. Sadly, it is why I find in talking to the general public that it is the reason for people being turned off to all politics. I sincerely hope that we as Republicans can be better than this. At this point I am not real optimistic. The quest for power and holding it does strange things to people’s principles (if they had any to begin with).

    1. delegate

      Well said Gary. You are a good man!

      I am not a Sanford supporter but I don’t like it when some people go around spouting accuasations without facts.

  9. Pierreite

    The Sanford-Burnham clinics working on embryonic research are in CA and FL. Until she is elected to represent the entire state of SD, how about she work on issues pertinent to SD? And until she?s chosen to decide on Sanford?s investments, how about she pays attention to her own issues? Geez. Another example of fuss about a non-issue (cough, cough). Sorry-was choking on some farm dust?

  10. Anonymous

    Spend money and all are happy???? Then sometimes we signon to cut,cut,cut?? What the H is going on? Money is incharge!!!! Unless it does not fit my agenda then it is bad……….. or maybe you are buying me out by spending money!

  11. Anonymous

    To read Mrs. Hubbel’s other Facebook postings one learns just how stupid our elected leaders really are. The New World Order and 9/11 Conspiracies… really people?

  12. Anonymous

    This is right up there with her theory that butterball turkeys were part of a plot to impose Sharia law upon the United States. She is clearly unstable and unfit to be a public servant. I don’t think Deb Peters has anything to worry about. But that district will if they elect LH.


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