What does infighting accomplish?

I don’t see any point in perpetuating the problems recently caused by the over the top allegations directed towards certain members of the House Leadership. Nothing noteworthy, certainly not newsworthy, happened to justify the level of attention this spat has received. I personally like Stace Nelson and David Lust, and believe they both offer a substantial contribution to the legislative process.

In my opinion, David Lust should not have been the only person apologizing at the hearing. In this case it appears he came across as the “bigger” man.

If you know any of the folks involved in this controversy, you know they are GOOD people. The whole incident looks ridiculous in the newspapers and local TV news and allows the SDDP and liberal blogs to salivate with glee over the infighting that pits Republican legislators against Republican legislators, especially Republicans who happen to agree on a vast array of topics.

I hope this controversy is the end of this circus. But I’m not going to hold my breath.

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    1. Anonymous

      You were right Troy. This was blown way out of proportion. Lust looked good and so did the other leaders. Nelson and his crew looked foolish.

  1. anon

    I think during the hearing it became very clear that Lust and his leadership team did nothing wrong. In fact, it looks like they were just doing their job.

    What really came out of the hearings is that an LRC attorney got his ego bruised my some of Lust’s comments and started shooting his mouth off to anyone who would listen.

    Add that to Mr. Nelson’s conspiracy theory personality and ka-boom!! Things get blown way out of proportion, the republican party is made to look foolish, and the reputations of totally innocent people became tarnished.

    A classic example of shoot first and aim later.

    1. anooner

      To call it not newsworthy is a bit of stretch. If this had happened with the dems you’d be blogging it twice a day. The story now is that a far right faction of our legislators appear to have unjustifiably went off half-cocked. You are letting the “gang of six” off too easy. I wonder if they will they at least apologize or offer some form of quasi-apology. My guess is that we will need to wait until the the dna testing is completed at Sibby’s underground lavatory.

  2. BF

    I notice Mr. Nelson has totally changed his style of late. Quiet before the storm? Or change of heart. Time will tell.

    1. anon

      This whole thing stinks and it lays at the feet of an LRC staffer and a legislator who’d been in pierre 10 minutes and was looking to mold things as he saw fit. That and a dose of paranoia and tea party idiocy and we have the crap pile that was tuesday’s hearing. I’m just glad no one got hurt.

  3. Stace Nelson

    I would encourage folks to listen to the WHOLE unusual “investigation” into the December 6th letter requesting information & records: http://media.sd.gov/ramgen/sdpb/sessions/2011/interim/exe01032012.mp3

    One of the many jewels: at about 39:50 minutes of the recording, Sen. Maher admits that he was aware of the issues in the letter when he was elected to the E-Board in the spring (March-April), from concerned comments from members of the Senate. Sen. Maher was specifically NOT asked to explain exactly what he knew then or what members of the Senate confided in him.

    Another jewel: At about 57:25 Rep. Turbiville admits he was aware of my complaints of his obstucting my research into changing the LRC website, as early as May. Of note, he told KELO that the Dec 6th letter was the first he became aware of the allegations. He specifically cites access to my confidential bill research of a May 4th email exchange I had with LRC staff, a confidential email about my bill research for this upcoming session, which I never authorized the disclosure of to anyone.

    Rep. Rausch told the Daily Republic in November that it was the first he heard of the allegations, yet that is not what the “investigation” showed.

    A real investigation entails specific accepted charges, with people sworn in under oath, acceptance of evidence, etc. We have such a procedure under House Rules Chapter 6, but that was not the procedure Rep. Turbiville decided to use to investigate the complaints against himself.

    1. Really?


      Stop… now… please! You obviously have passion, but you need to focus it in a direction where it matters. Like it/agree with it or not, it’s politics and if you want to get anything accomplished, you need to learn how to play.

      1. Anon

        I agree….just learn when to quit, Stace. I heard every moment of investigation, and the stuff you mention above is irrelevent. Rep. Lust, Cronin, and Rausch told the truth. It was the LRC staffer that spun things to mislead you… Leave it alone and focus on the budget.

        1. LFoss

          Stace – really you need to let this go. I listened to the audio twice, there is nothing that would lead anyone to believe that there was any specific wrong doing. The LRC staff that you said held the answers and the evidence spoke and said that your allegations are untrue and unfounded. You still appear to be stomping your feet and puffing your chest because you didn’t get your way, your not in the position of control or power and you don’t like it. Grow up and get on with the business of the people you represent and the Great State of South Dakota!

      2. Bob Ellis

        If Republicans would focus in the direction of advancing their own agenda and platform–instead of interfering with those that do, and trying to advance the other party’s agenda–we wouldn’t be having these problems. The solution is simple, but the question is: are Republicans in the SD Legislature willing to act like Republicans, or will they insist on playing footsie with the other side’s agenda?

          1. Anonymous

            Your Tea Party group doesn’t matter since you ran Barb Lindberg out. All you power hungry tea partiers accomplish is destroying majority’s.

            1. Bob Ellis

              You are a typical liberal liar. We didn’t run Barb Lindberg out of my Tea Party group; you can’t even get simple facts right, including the fact that the Tea Party, as the champions of freedom and the free market, is the Republican Party’s best friend (real Republicans, that is). Instead, your ilk perverts and weakens the GOP by embracing the other side’s values. Pathetic.

              1. Anon

                So you can promise that the Tea Party won’t run a third party candidate which would all but guarantee an Obama re-election?

                1. Bob Ellis

                  That’s what you liberals would love to see, which is why so many of you are trying to entice some in the GOP to abandon their party’s values and platform. It must be truly sad to live the life of a liberal, forever crafting one’s goals on the hopes that others will be deceived.

                    1. Anonymous


                      Are you more loyal to the Tparty or the Rparty?

                      Were you even in Huron at the last convention?

  4. Pierre man

    Maybe it is time to look at cleaning out the LRC staff that played and whinned and in the end looks like the person causing the ruckus and Stace was simple enough to follow and blow it out of proportion.

  5. Anon

    Stace’s response reminds one of a typical conspiracy theorist — at 39:52 and 58:12, you can clearly hear the man with the umbrella. There’s the proof. Oh, and the black helicopters.

    It will be interesting to see if Stace moves for a disciplinary committee when session starts. Ironic that he complained about Turbiville and the E-Board subcommittee, but that’s who he sent the complaint to. The legislative disciplinary process can only happen by vote of the body where the motion is made. Glad they finally showed up though. After complaining, then asking for delay, then saying they wouldn’t show up, they finally made it.

  6. Arrowhead

    I can’t put this all on Stace. At some point leadership should have known and taken seriously that Stace was upset. They marginalized him and most likely didn’t show him the respect he deserved as a serving legislator.

    I’m certainly not say Stace was right in blowing this out of proportion but perhaps real leadership would have found a way to listen to his concerns and fix the problem before they all looked ridiculous in the public eye.

    1. anonny

      Obviously you have no idea about dealing with Stace. The only way leadership could have shut him down is by agreeing with anything and everything he said.. Re-read his post above. He has no idea how to go about admitting he was wrong.

      By the way…what makes you think they never tried to listen to his concerns??

      1. Yankton

        I’m sure they listened to him but I’m not sure they really made him feel like an equal.

        We all know how politics works. People are thinned skin. People get labeled for not following the party line and are accused of being a RINO (Ellis, Hubbel and Howie say that all the time) or you are a right winger (Any of you involved in politics know who they are). It’s a click just like in junior high and high school.

        Stace became a right winger to those in power and they thought his antics were a good joke until it blew up with egg all over the SD GOP Legislature.

        Stace severly overreacted but it’s a good lesson for those in power to not marginalize members of their own party even if they are wingers. Both sides of our party do enough name calling for everyone.

        Noem and her crew think Bachmann is crazy. We all want to hang out with who is percieved as cool in our class and can get us the most attention.

        I’m sick of the whole innner party fight from both the Tea Party and the establishment. Your on the same team you just don’t like the other persons style. You don’t get points for style.

  7. troy jones


    There was attempts to have discussion. The problem is there is a fundamental disagreement on the matters. There is also disagreement on what was said/done.

    Sometimes there are opportunities for resolution through compromise (nobody is happy) or mutual apology. Sometimes one or the other party changes their minds. And, sometimes the parties just need to agree to disagree. If none of those are done, one or the other decides to just blow things up or they just agree to “reboot” and start over.

    And, then when the matter is “he said”/”she said”, there are three problems:

    1) Did both parties really say what they thought they said or did it come out contrary to their intent. Communication problem #1.

    2) Did both parties really hear what the other party said or did their ears have wax in them? Communication problem #2.

    3) Did both parties approach the breakdown this way

    a) Paraphrasing St. Ignatious of Loyala: “Every person ought to be more ready to give a favorable interpretation to another’s statement than to condemn it. But if he cannot do so, let him ask how the other understands it. And if the latter understands it badly, let the former correct him with love. If that does not suffice, let the person try all suitable ways to bring the other to a correct interpretation so that he may be properly understood.” Or,

    b) Did they assume the worst and thus deny the other party to justify/explain himself in context?

    On Monday, we’ll see what everyone decides.

  8. Anonymous

    How much of all the replays preconditioned to look good for our party. Was the complete truth told. I doubt it. We will never know for sure as no one in power has the will power to stand up before god and country and tell what really happened. Secrecy is a sign of power………….. Well folks what have we become??????

  9. another anonymous

    Old Chuck Turbiville sets up a kangeroo court with his friends on it, makes sure nobody is sworn in and that it in no way acts as a fact finding body, and you people buy it?

    I bet you people think OJ is innocent too?

    If everything was on the up and up, why did it take them 7 months to get the LRC guy to renig on his statements?

    1. Anonymous

      I’ll give you this. If they weren’t sworn in under oath that means they couldn’t get in trouble for lieing right? It allows intimidation to work much better.

      They should have been under oath. It holds people to a higher standard.

      1. Anonymous

        If anyone lied they weren’t lieing to GOD or the law. Only to themselves and Stace Nelson.

        A new conspiracy has been born.

  10. MC Post author

    I was hoping this hearing would put this issue to bed.

    Somehow I see this issue coming back up sooner, rather than later.

  11. Anonymous

    We will never get a answer that is 100% the truth. Secrecy is a sign of power……………

    1. anon

      How secret is Steve Sibson? That is a secretive fellow and I don’t accuse him of being powerful… Outside of Davison County anyway.

        1. Anonymous

          We have no power or the facts would have been revealed from the beginning. Secrecy is power and what little I have will remain as long as I am secret. I will find some facts and then the power will step forth for our leadership is fearful of loosing power so they attempt to run in secrecy……..

          WHAT HAVE WE BECOME???????????????

            1. Anonymous

              Hitler ran with fear. His subs were fearful of him and it stepped down a few more times and the people became fearful.

              What have we become?!!!!!!!!!!

  12. grudznick

    The odd thing is that young Mr. Nelson may well have some points but he wrecks his credibility by consorting with this Rep. Ellis fellow and Mr. Howie, who snapped.

    I think if Mr. Nelson brings his issues on their own merits he gets vindicated by the end of next week.

    1. Bob Ellis

      First of all, Rep. Nelson doesn’t “consort” with me, nor does he owe me anything or I him. I am simply stating facts that some “Republicans” don’t want to deal with, because they need to be said, for the good of our party. Pretending to be a mealy-mouthed version of the Democrat Party is no good for the GOP.

      I am also not a representative.

      You don’t do your own case any good by demonstrating that you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

      1. grudznick

        Perhaps you should be a Representative. Then you could speak with more authority on these matters. At least Mr. Sibby tried to be one, Eh?

      2. anon

        If the republican party consisted of only people you consider to be republican, there wouldn’t be enough left to win an election for dog catcher.

        1. another anonymous

          Nonsense, the majority of South Dakotans consider themselves Conservative in Gallup poll after poll. People have a right to know what they are getting with the brand. Why keep buying the Republican brand when the stickers keep coming off revealing Democrats?

          Let the moderates and liberals run under their rightful party of (D)!

  13. another anonymous

    I listened to the hearing, what a joke!

    They knew about these problems for about 8 months and did nothing to explain the reports of their misconduct?!

    The panel admitted they only convened their little show because of the Dec sixth letter these six people submitted asking for information and explanations.

    Real problem when they go after people for simpy asking the right questions of what the “H” is going on!

    Real problems in our legislature people.

    1. Anonymous

      You are a big problem Ed. You and your ilk are probably the people who will cause problems for Noem in her reelection run also.

      1. Les

        Very good example of uniting our party and helping keep Noem in office. Similar to our leaders looking to lowly freshmen legis and trying to see through their eyes so as to understand the complaints. This should never have happened.

  14. Anonymous

    based on mannerisms it looks like 2 or 3 people are making many of the comments from both sides. Could that be called 2 faced or conversation?

    1. Anonymous

      You are living in a fantasy world. But keep believing that so you hope you have a majority on your side.