What is conservative about this?

Lora Hubbel is upset. And as far as I can tell she is upset because South Dakota doesn’t pay legislators more, have a longer legislative session and doesn’t give part time legislators full time staffers.

So what is the definition of a “conservative?” Obviously there is a quick split between fiscal and social. Here’s the question… if you are advocating for expanding the Legislature’s budget by 5 to 10 times (or more), are you really conservative?

Moreover, there are days I’m sure all legislators would love to have someone do their secretarial work, but they signed up for the job and were willing to take on the duties without a staff.

Quite frankly, if someone isn’t smart enough to do their research and figure out how to vote, then do they deserve to be in Pierre? Do we want our legislators to have three staff members telling them which positions they should take. Is that “conservative” or just plain lazy?

I’ve always thought that one of the things wrong with Washington DC is that there are thousands of 25 and 30 year old staffers who had little real life experience before they moved to DC to play the political games. I’m not sure we need unelected staffers in Pierre advising our legislators on the political ramifications of every vote…

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  1. thc

    “aids”? “attracks”? Her own implication that she is a mediocrity who MIGHT rise to the occasion if she got paid more. And more time in Pierre to perform more mischief. What a prize…..

  2. ValleyGirl

    Wow, BC. I actually couldn’t agree with you more. That doesn’t happen very often.

    BTW, no one answered by last question from the earlier post (unless you count the rambling about conservatism tirade). What’s with Hubbel’s signs? The two light bulbs with the the energy efficient one crossed off??? I don’t get them…

    1. Anonymous

      I’m sure it is related to the law passed by congress that outlawed incandescent light bulbs and mandated compact fluorescent.

      She doesn’t like Government overreach so I think that became her symbol.

  3. Ron Paul

    What you fail to understand there are some basic steps the state could take to ensure that each member in Pierre has at least one aide. Utah has collage juniors, seniors and grad students that intern at the state house as aides at the cost of food. This is a way to help the members better perform their duties with almost no cost increase. So Neocons on this site think and know actual facts before you speak. Lora Hubbel is one of the last people that would add unneeded expense to the state budget. You have to have the tools to do the job and there is low cost options other than kissing our Democrat governors rear like Tim Rave does.

  4. Spencer

    So, is there some contracted arrangement here that states if the governor endorses a sitting senator, Bill Clay becomes the official attack dog? How many hit pieces on Lora Hubbel have been on DWC this primary season? I’ve lost count.

  5. delegate

    I love this!

    I’ve heard the SD GOP has hired Lora to be the entertainment for the convention in Sioux Falls.

    Clearly she will provide comic relief to an otherwise serious event…

  6. Anooner

    Lora votes no when she doesn’t understand something? Doesn’t exactly instill confidence in her reading comprehension skills. I’d suggest maybe she ask Russell or Stace what things mean, but I’m concerned they don’t understand things either. I suppose she could always consult with Sibby, he knows everything.

  7. duh

    Whats wrong with having intern aids? It would seem to make things a bit more efficient. It is a rushed cluster then everyone bitches that nothing perceptively gets done. I agree on that point.


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