What is it with the facebook blocking? Next time, I’ll try not to make the question so difficult.

Just darn me for pointing out political news. As told today by Representative Drew Dennert, apparently that’s ‘attacking.’

Yesterday the Rep. Goodwin Facebook thing came up, and I pointed it out. Then when Goodwin pointed out that it was not of his doing, I made sure I not just pointed that out as part of the original article, but I noted under the comment section that I observed another similar instance in support of the plausibility of his explanation.

Fast forward a few hours, and today, State Representative Drew Dennert made a point to launch after me on Facebook, claiming I was attacking Goodwin and beating him up in some manner by reporting political news. Just to be clear about it in case there was a misunderstanding, I offered him my response, and asked where he thought I was attacking anyone:

Representative Dennert’s response?

It consisted of blocking me on Facebook.

Oookay then. I guess next time I should ask an easier question?

14 Replies to “What is it with the facebook blocking? Next time, I’ll try not to make the question so difficult.”

  1. enquirer

    thin skin has no place in politics. the news is the news, and happily if you are caught in a bad circumstance by no fault of your own a thorough news report will clear things up. mr dennert doesn’t seem to look before he leaps on a few issues, that’s on him.

  2. Anonymous

    Dennert a sitting legislator blocked you…sounds childish.

    Plus if Dennert would not have tried to destroy the Republican party this week with 1305 he would not be getting grief from anyone….

  3. Pat Powers Post author

    So, If I print the good news, I’m a GOP tool, and if I print the not so good, I’m attacking. Kind of hard to win here.

  4. Anonymous

    I don’t believed Goodwin was hacked. As Ike pointed out he posted a very similar post not that long ago.

    In regard to this deal, I agree with most people that Dennert needs to grow up. It’s cute that he gets votes because of his last name in whatever district he’s from, but voters need to replace him with someone with some real life experiences.

    1. Anonymous

      If they have an R behind their name they get elected especially if the candidate on the other side politically is nutty or has really bad people skills. There needs to be more competition all around.

  5. grudznick

    Mr. Goodwin was not hacked. He is noted for such jokes.
    Young Mr. Dennert would be good to go listen to his grandpappy for a while and learn how to be in the legislatures with some maturity and class.


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