What me….biased?

Kevin Woster at the RCJ had the courage to admit a dirty little secret on behalf of himself and the media…..of course for most of us this isn’t a secret….but hats off to Kevin for admitting it.  Admitting it is the first step to getting help.  🙂  So what did he admit…..I’ll let you read it for yourselves:

Then I told the Wing Nuts that that the majority of reporters and other newsroom personnel I’ve known tended to lean liberal.

I said I believed that the liberal percentage and passions increased the farther you get from a small South Dakota weekly and the closer you get to the New York Times.

And I admitted that I had at times seen those philosophies reflected in the way political stories were reported, written, headlined and displayed.

But that’s not the way it should be. And mostly, that’s not the way it is.

I do appreciate Kevin’s honesty.  And he’s right when he writes that journalists shouldn’t let their own beliefs bleed into their stories.  I’m not quite as certain of his assertion that “mostly” journalists are able to put it aside. Someday, maybe we’ll find that utopia.  It starts with a little step that goes something like this — Hi, my name is Kevin and I have a problem.

From SDWC:  Hi Kevin

P.S.  And before you jump all over me about bias — I have not now nor ever been a journalist.

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  1. farber

    Well, he did finally admit it! One only needs to look at Mt. Blogmore. When blogs first began to gain attention and Mt. Blogmore was first climbed, the interpid clilmbers were from all political stripes and opinions. It was a fun place to argue, debate, vent, and just in general voice opinions. Mr. Blogmore has tilted a long ways left lately and most conservatives have left. Is that the fault of the monitors of this blog, Kevin Woster being one of them? I don’t know, but it seems that the only conservative monitor gets hammered whenever he posts, and the lefties now posting reinforce their points with each other and the topic and gleefully attack anyone not of their liberal bent. The climb up Mt. Blogmore is no longer enjoyable unless you enjoy the company of fellow backslapping libs. And it’s a shame. It used to be a good place to visit. If Kevin Woster or David Montgomery or anyone else currently in charge of that blog wants anyone to believe that they are not liberal leaning, they have a long ways to go in that regard!

  2. Lee Schoenbeck

    I don’t think it’s Kevin’s fault that the readership changed. I just think the squeeze wasn’t worth the juice for a lot of conservatives,so they largely abandoned that battlefield. I like to go there still to play – but conservatives that play there have to get used to taking sharp elbows

  3. DDC

    There’s nothing wrong with being human. To expect journalists to pretend like they have no real opinions is absurd.

    It would serve everyone well to know what those leanings are so we know what angle they are coming from. I applaud Mr. Woster for admitting that he is indeed a sentient being.

  4. grudznick

    It is my breakfast friends like young Messrs. Newland and Kurtz that keep bloogs running. Without them, blogging would already be dead. PP saw blogging dying a year ago and got into the business side of the internets, selling things to candidates for office. That is the future, selling things. Someday, many things will be sold on the internets and blogging will be dead.

  5. i.p.

    KW is leaving the politics beat for the very reason cited by the charming Ms. Gilded. grud, Woster has far more integrity and skill than i will ever have. Cory will a force to be reckoned with in South Dakota politics if he can hold up the pace.

    As to the blogmore lefties: hey, we’re smarter and gooder writers.

  6. J Rae

    Kristi, I thought you had a broadcast show. How are you not a part of the media? Also seems to me that bloggers are now looked at and expecting to be treated like the media, so how are these things different?

    1. Kristi Golden

      As I said — I’m not a journalist — I have never claimed to be nor has my job ever involved reporting the news. I have been a member of the media for several years as I’ve been privileged to guest host the Greg Belfrage show on KELO-AM and now KCPO’s The Facts (heck even blogging qualifies as being part of the media) — in all of those forums I talk about the news, other current events and give opinions. I do my level best to be as accurate as I can (ie journalist vs media) because I think that lends more weight to the opinions I share. But when you tune in or click in — the listener, viewer, reader know they are getting opinions.

    1. "El Toro Grande Loco" (The Big Crazy Bull)

      Caveman, is your spouse wanting further renovations? I am aware of a taciturn Bull willing to fill straws; however, I fear his future success would be as dismissal as the SDDP’s last election. Record past results; however, after a “Kopp& Verchio,” future success is doubtful.

  7. Les

    You are crazy Bull, I doubt many will understand just how crazy.. 🙂

    I wouldn’t use Woster and Montgomery in the same sentence. Oops..

    Where’s breakfast Grud? I’d mooch a breakfast off you.

  8. Troy Jones

    Kevin Woster is a man of great personal integrity. There are conservatives and liberals who value the truth more than they value promotion of their particular ideology. And those who value the truth more than agenda make good journalists. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

    It is my view that print journalists are alot more fair than tv journalists as tv journalists can’t put up a veil on their personal views as we can see them as they speak via inflection, smile, etc. and tv has a bias to entertainment which encourages personality (thus personal views) and this reality taints the entire profession. My main beef with print is print editors seem to way too willing to allow their personal views to dominate what is printed/covered and gives print media a bias it shouldn’t have. For instance, the coverage by the Argus of the SDDP’s attack on Noem’s piece up above. Does anyone think this would have been news if issued by the GOP?


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