What the future holds for Marty Jackley

The other day, someone brought up the question: “What will the political future hold for Attorney General Marty Jackley if Obamacare is overturned?” It’s worth considering.

Kristi Noem rode her opposition to Obamacare all the way to congress, and that allowed her to defeat Herseth Sandlin, who had won every county in the state 2 years prior. But the frustrating thing about Congress is that she needs her colleagues’ support, a majority of Senators, and then a president to overturn the law.

I have no doubt any one of our statewide leaders (other than Sen. Johnson) would strike down Obamacare given the opportunity, but what would it be like for one of our state’s most respected office holders to have played a pivotal role in undoing one of our nation’s most unpopular and controversial policies?

What will it mean for Marty Jackley’s political future if the supreme court strikes down Obama’s health care law?

I’m struggling to come up with another issue that would rival this accomplishment.

Now we could all (except for a few liberals) be disappointed when the Supreme Court decision comes out. Maybe we won’t get the answer we are looking for, but I don’t think that diminishes the impact of Jackley’s fight against the law.

One thing is clear. There were three very good decisions made to get Marty Jackley in as AG. Senator Thune recommended Marty Jackley to the US Attorney position, Governor Rounds appointed Jackley to AG following Larry Long stepping away, and the voters chose him in the last election. He’s providing a perfect example of a public servant standing up for the constitution and the will of the people. And it’s a reflection of how important it is for voters to be engaged in the selection of our leaders.

Either way, this would not be an everyday ordinary issue we typically hear politicians tout in campaigns. All South Dakotans have an opinion on this issue and judging by the 2010 election results, voters would look fondly at someone who played a role in Obamacare’s undoing.

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  1. The Truth

    I believe at least some portions will be struck. The sky’s the limit for Marty. Rounds is our best senate candidate, but Marty is a close second in my book. He’d throttle Joh nson given a win at the SC.

  2. Anonymous

    He would be a great candidate for anything in the future but if we were to ask him what was on his mind it would probably be running for another term as AG.

    I might be wrong but I don’t think Marty has big ambitions beyond AG. I could easily see him slipping back into private practice down the road.

  3. insomniac

    He’s too low key. I don’t understand why the media hasn’t given him a big story in the paper about the Obamacare case.

    Every two days I see a story in the paper about Noem and farm dust, crop insurance, ag subsidies or finding some other way to bring back the pork but Jackley actually has an issue worth talking about.

  4. Job Creator

    As popular as Marty is with all you folks, he has never really been a candidate in a competitive race. The R behind his name was a guaranteed win in Meade County. He was annoited to the AG’s office when Larry looked out for his own future. The R behind his name made him a shoe-in for his “re-election.”

    Of course, under the current situation, anybody with the R is going to win, regardless if they are a decent candidate or not.

  5. Anonymous

    Gazing into my crystal ball … it’s coming into focus. Can it be? Marty Jackley will be the first GOP governor candidate to lose to a Democrat in over 40 years? You don’t say!

  6. GH

    Marty is a great guy, but SD’s legal contribution to this case has been minimal. How much of the oral argument did Marty make? Zero. He was in the audience. Other states are really carrying the research and legal load here.

    1. Anonymous

      In fact SD contributed about 2K to the fund that is paying the Washington DC law firm that is litigating the case.

      The Attorney’s General, with the exception of Cuccinelli in Virginia are merely supporting the effort.

  7. Ned

    He is being groomed for governor. And if you think he has no aspirations after AG you are clueless. The problem is that the Republican party is so strong in this state that many good candidates will be there. It’s getting to the point where waiting your turn could mean you miss out completely. I have Daugaard for 4 more. After that? Matt Michels would be my choice; but, who knows if he would run. Noem will never be Governor. Dusty and Marty are neck and neck as a 2nd choice.

    1. toga

      For Governor in 2018:

      1. Marty – People already think of him as the next Governor
      2. Kristi – if she doesn’t run for senate – I hear it’s likely she won’t. She would be a force as far as fundraising and name id.
      3. Michels – simply because he is smart, connected and LG
      4. Russ Olson – guy could be a player – Skjonsberg is his treasurer
      5. Dusty Johnson – burning bridges left and right. If Noem doesn’t leave the House so he can run how does he come back?
      6. Other wild cards here….

      1. toga

        That is my prediction as of now and how things look. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a Mike Rounds come from no where nice guy scenario in the future either.

      2. GH

        I feel a little bad for Dusty. The Chief job is a brutal one. By design you deliver the bad messages and catch the slings and arrows.

      3. grudznick

        I think at 4 & 5 you insert young Messrs. Sattgass and Gant, or maybe Gant and Sattgass. They are shakers.

          1. anon

            I don’t know what Gant wants to do but he could be one of those guys that pulls something together.

            Sattgast has indicated he may be done with politics when he is done as Treasurer.

            Both are extra nice guys.

            ’18 might also show a reemergence of Jarrod Johnson in one fashion or another.

            1. Anon

              This mini string gets funnier and funnier, any constitutional officer not listed worthy of consideration?

      4. Lowell

        For Gov in 2018 you ask? While it seems so far away, it is a mere five years until candidates begin actively campaigning for the nomination.

        Marty? Perhaps.
        Kristi.. nah. Stay in Congress – Gov’s job is tough.
        Johnson — another guy better fit for Congress.
        MM – yes, but not the one you’re thinking.

        The MM who is the likely nominee, if he runs, is Mark Mickelson.

        The frontrunners in 2016 would be Jackley and Mickelson. Those two scare everyone else away. Except Mr. Howie of course, who may still be thinking grandiose thoughts of himself.

        1. grudznick

          Mr. Howie may just run in 2014, get his arse whumped even worse than the last time when he overgodded on everybody, and then go totally insane by 2018, when he will become mayor of Rapid City.

      1. Stace Nelson

        Grudz, you’re supposed to eat the taters & gravy, not smoke them.

        I am the least politically ambitious elected official in the state. I have no desire to reside anyplace else in the world other than Hanson County, SD. I wouldn’t even have my hat in the ring now if folks around here hadn’t asked me to continue serving them.

        1. grudznick

          I know you’ve served all of us for many years, sir, but you should consider serving still more in higher capacities. You could make some really big waves in the pond.

          1. Stace Nelson

            You keep that kind of talk up and the next thing you know some politically motivated politicians will be calling out extra security in the Capital claiming everyone is “scared” of me, they will concoct outlandish lies about me claiming I threatened to kill little Nick Moser, and “punishing” me by moving my chair & brag that they are illegally refusing to allow me to speak on the House floor…

  8. Mark

    Interesting points, Ned. But why don’t you think Noem will never be governor — do you think she’ll not run or the Jackley is ahead of the line?

    1. Ned

      I feel like she is slowly being pushed to the end of the queue. Matt Michels has a large, but quiet following. He is a true public servant and has a way with people that most may not know about – yet. Once he is put in the spotlight he will shine. I feel like he is next to be Governor – if he chooses. As far as 2nd choice – Marty has the party on his side and Dusty is so likeable that he is going to rebound from all of this negativity. Noem will not run in the Senate. Rounds has that locked up. So, if you add all those years up, she is going to have a long time to wait. I feel like she is discontent in the House and wants more. She is going to foolishly get involved in a primary she can’t win and get beat, which could spell death for her political career. She needs to be happy being in the House. If she talks of moving around, I think Dusty could swoop in there and steal that seat.

    1. Anonymous

      Must get old to just tear down Cory. How about trying to build your party up instead of just tearing it down?

  9. Walleye Willie

    George T. Mickelson: elected house speaker in his third term.
    George S. Mickelson: elected house speaker in his third term.
    Any guesses as to what year corresponds with G. Mark Mickelson’s third term?

    Yes, I know his dad and grandpa didn’t go directly from speaker to Gov, but we now live in much faster political times.

  10. Lowell

    Walleye is correct. Mickelson will be Speaker and running for Gov at the same time. He is the next big ticket in SD politics — odds on favorite in 2018 against the field, then Senator when Thune or Rounds is done.

  11. anon

    Everyone seems to think Mark Mickelson is the next guy in line.

    He has obviously locked up the old guard in SF. His event in the park was like a Governor’s event or a John Thune event. It was a big deal. I’ve never been to a Marty or Kristi event that compared.

  12. Donna

    Kristi for Governor. She would be the first woman to ever hold that office. It would be a very cool notch in her political belt.

    Could she defeat Mickelson or Jackley? Absolutely. Would it be a hard primary for all of them? Absolutely.

    But being first at anything is an advantage.

    The one thing Jackley and Mickelson have going for them right now is that half of the state think one or the other is going to be Governor. No one thinks about Kristi Noem for Governor.

    Most don’t think of her as Senator either which hurts her against Rounds.

    If she doesn’t run against Rounds it will be a four year campaign for Governor. Noem/Mickelson Jackley/Mickelson Mickelson/Jackley Mickelson/Noem Mickelson/Jackley

  13. Winston

    January of 2015 –

    SD Governor Mike Huether
    US Representative Matt Varilek (2nd term)
    US Senator Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin
    US Senator John Thune

  14. Cooper

    Dusty is done. I don’t know if he can get out now and save himself or not. Everyone I know I has lost respect for him. Too bad, but I think he should of stayed in the PUC. He has damaged himself beyond repair I am afraid.

    No one is as polished as Jackley. He would make a great governor. And he will do what is right and pay no attention to which way the wind is blowing.

  15. Doug Wiken

    Jackley attack on “Obamacare” is a political hack bit of game playing. Even a dollar of SD money spent on it is wasted. That he joined the other partisan hack GOP Ags on this is not a good indicator of anything but partisan expediency.

  16. Anonymous

    Marty has that extra something, whatever that “it” is that Thune has and few others do.

    Sky is the limit for him.

  17. Anonymous

    Marty has one major problem, he is from west river. When was the last elected governor from west river?


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