What we might expect at Republican state convention

All of this talk the last few days regarding what is expected to happen at the SD GOP convention has me wishing I had become a delegate. Conventions are a fun time.

I’m hearing from people that there might be a Ron Paul surprise among delegates attending the convention. No one is convinced they have enough supporters to get anyone elected this year, but there is concern that they will nominate their own candidates at the convention to protest the PUC candidates chosen by Governor Dennis Daugaard and perhaps to make a statement that the RNC delegation should support Ron Paul. And in all seriousness, what is a convention without races?

I’m at a loss about all of this – considering current National Committeeman Dana Randall and challenger Allen Unruh are both very conservative, and I doubt we could find many differences on political issues between them – the differences might have more to do with region or personality. However with Unruh strongly supporting Santorum earlier this year, he is unlikely to be a Ron Paul advocate. This is where I’m hearing there is some concern among Ron Paul delegates. They want a Ron Paul supporter, and that’s why there is persistent talk that we could see a third candidate for National Committeeman emerge, such as Tracy Saboe or Daniel Willard, as a local Ron Paul advocate .

So far on the committeewoman front things are quiet, but word has it there might be the same type of movement brewing.

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  1. Ron Paul for President!

    Daniel Willard would be an awesome nominee for Ron Paul. The sooner the Ron Paul advocates distance themselves from Tracy Saboe the better it will be. He is divisive and dillusional.

  2. Anonymous

    Saboe also doesn’t bathe. Hang out with him at convention and you will get my drift or his. He will be the 4’10” Hobbit running around.

    1. Anonymous

      Is Willard the army vet who rescued injured soldiers? I’ve heard about him if that is the guy.

  3. 73*

    I appreciated Randall’s vote to oppose Agenda 21.

    “The Republican National Committee recently took a stand in voting UNANIMOUSLY to oppose Agenda 21, a dangerous United Nations plan that takes aim at the American economy ? and American freedom ? in the name of environmental reform.”

    I like Randall because he doesn’t thump his chest all the time. He’s just a solid conservative.

  4. Anonymous

    Looks like Mr. Willard might have a few connections in South Dakota politics that may actually be pushing for this. Seems his cousin Matt Roby works in the Attorney Generals Office and worked on AG Jackley and Governor Rounds campaigns. His great uncle Tom Roby was also in the State Senate and Mayor of Watertown for a bit. His great grandfather J.J. Eisenmenger seems to have been a Grant County judge from Milbank also. I’ve also heard his family has connects with former Oklahoma Senator and Governor Frank Keating. Wonder what’s going on?

    1. South Dakota GOP be aware of a Ron Paul takeover

      Daniel Willard is extremely well connected with the Ron Paul’s campaign this year and in ’08 also his son Rand’s senate campaign. Those Paul people quietly set their people up to takeover leadership positions in states so they take over the GOP so watch out!!!

    1. No Hubbel

      You know he is a committeeman in district 11 and has a vote on Schlekeway’s Senate seat replacement. Maybe because he likes Ron Paul he will not vote for that crazy Lora Hubbel. She likes Santorum and those Ron Paul people tend to hate Santorum folks so maybe there is a silver lining in all of this.

      1. No Paul

        But what if he goes after the District 11 seat himself? That’s all we need is Ron Paul Jr in Pierre going on about the gold standard and how we need to defend terrorists with jury trials. If he does get it he will have no problem raising the money needed to win. Because all of those Paul nuts will go without eating so they have the money to support their “Revolution” whatever that is.

        1. Anonymous

          Are you serious? I actually talked to someone that knows him and they said he is a combat veteran that was hurt in a helicopter crash in Iraq. So how are you getting that he wants terrorist’s to have jury trails or whatever nonsense you tried saying? I hope he runs for PUC or 11’s seat and gives them a real challenge. I have however had a chance to meet Tracy Saboe and he is one strange guy. I do think though it would be best for Ron Paul’s supports to distance themselves from that guy.

  5. Anonymous

    Daniel Willard is connected to the Conserative Republican Victory PAC and numerous Ron Paul staffers. If you look at Ernie Ottens Facebook page he personally thanks Daniel Willard for his senate primary win in district 6. I hear he also helped other tea baggers takeout other real republiacans in other primary races.

    1. William Claymore

      Really ? “take out REAL republicans” ? Tell me, what exactly is a “real” republican these days anyway ?

      Is a “real” republican one that is scared to vote to over-ride the governor’s veto of a bill (HB 1248) that would have codified into state law our constitutional right to bear arms without need for a permit to do so ?

      Is a “real” republican one that “takes a walk” or votes against a 72 hour waiting period prior to an abortion procedure and still tries to claim they are “Pro-Life”?

      Is a “real” republican one that votes in favor of bills that promote corporate welfare like the so-called “WINS” program that we are now being sued over ?

      Is a “real” republican one that votes in favor of SB38 and SB43 which are the bills that openly ushered in many provisions of Obama-care into our state ?

      Is a “real” republican one that applies for a 5.8 MILLION dollar ESTABLISHMENT grant (as opposed to merely a “study” grant) for a state-run “affordable insurance” (Romney-care) exchange when several of our neighboring states are waiting until the Supreme Court ruling before they decide to do so ?

      So I have to ask all of those “real” republican legislators who lost their primaries.

      Were you actually “real” republicans ? Or was your party affiliation based more on political expedience than actual belief in Republican principles ?

      Judging from many of your votes in Pierre, could you really blame the voters if they concluded that you were actually a democrat with an “R” behind your name ?

      1. Troy Jones Post author

        When I look at the list of people who ran in the primaries, I think they are all REAL Republicans. If you would come out of the shadows, we could judge YOUR Republican credentials.

  6. Anonymous

    Tracy Saboe is not a hobbit and we have enough votes to elect him to the PUC so deal with it.

    1. Anonymous

      Tracy Saboe vs Kristie Fiegen at the convention? That would be a hoot.

      He does not practice personal hygiene but he understand the regulations in the PUC. Who knew…

  7. Arrowhead

    He might not technically be a HOBBIT but yes he does resemble one. I’m quite certain it is by choice. Since it has mostly to do with the hairy head and hairy feet.

  8. anon

    In the recent months Allen Unruh has distanced himself from the Tea Party. Even he thinks they are over the top. He might use them to get votes at convention but he does not like what many west river of in Mitchell are doing. If Allen Unruh is afraid of the 9/12ers and Lora Hubbel there is a problem.

    1. Ron PAUL FOREVER!!!

      There are some really great advocates for Dr. Paul across this state. The problem is that Tracy Saboe has a strangle hold on the group. If someone would challenge him for leadership we would have an easier time finding success. Daniel Willard, Aaron Heidelberger, Gary Dykstra and Dan Kaiser are much more intune with what people will vote for. Image matters. Saboe needs to get a haircut or go. The days of hippies leading the Ron Paul movement are over. Let’s grow up.

      1. Anonymous

        Trust me Tracy Saboe isn’t even in control of the voices in his head. The Ron Paul supporters let Tracy Saboe look like he is in control in order to hide the fact that it’s really Gary Dykstra and Daniel Willard that run the show. Gary has established himself fairly well within the Minnehaha GOP and all of those crazy 9-12 and tea party people do whatever he says. Daniel Willard ultimately runs the show though getting Gary to get people to do stuff for them. Daniel is a well established figure within the national Ron Paul politic apparatus and has the final say on everything Ron Paul supporters in South Dakota do.

        1. No One Put Paul

          You won’t even know what hit you until the convention is over. Just like the Iowa and Minnesota GOP Ron Paul forces will be in control soon. Welcome to the Ron Paul Revolution

  9. Anonymous

    Randall has been a great committeeman for SD. He is a grassroots guy who has actively helped get Republicans elected.

            1. Anonymous

              Wait and see because a storm in coming and it doesn’t look like Noah got the ark done in time this time around. Looks like there is going to be some Rino’s drowning this weekend. lol

  10. Madville Times

    Oh, the fantasy. There is no revolution. Ron Paul is powerless. But I would love to hear the grown-up conversations about the mess Jason Gant has created for the party and the strategy for saving HB 1234 from referendum. Any chance this blog will provide honest, open discussion on that and let all readers offer their questions and comments? Or can we expect nothing but praise for Tim Rave and Tony Post and what lovely doilies they picked?

    1. Anonymous

      Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies. Think about it Cory and all you Rino’s out there. Realize this a paradigm shift is occurring as we speak however you do not even realize your end has already arrived and a new era has begun. Restore the Republic!

      1. Madville Times

        Again, fantasy. The karaoke of kids who think politics is simply channeling Bill Pullman as he hops into that F-15 in Independence Day, or Mel Gibson in Braveheart.

        1. Republican Fumble

          If you do your research you might find an interesting (and foolish) mistake the South Dakota GOP has made in regards to Romney’s eligibility for South Dakota’s ballot. Hint South Dakota does does not vote on the Presidental canitdates but instead candidates preferring an individual for President. So check some dates, South Dakota GOP bylaws and attendce records and you might be surprised Corey. Happy Hunting 🙂