What were the candidates doing this past week?

Curious what the candidates for statewide office were busy with this past week? Here’s a quick review of what the candidates are saying on social media:

Congresswoman Kristi Noem was present at a groundbreaking at the DUSEL lab this past week:

While there have been no posted updates from the Krebs’ Congressional campaign since 7/15, both the Marty Jackley for Governor and Dusty Johnson for Congress campaigns had crews hitting the Gold Discovery Days in Custer:

Gubernatorial Candidate Lora Hubbel is cheering on President Trump as he (supposedly) is shutting down Jihad Training Camps in America:

The only candidate to out-Hubbel Lora Hubbel on Facebook, GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Terry Lee LaFleur promoted his state controlled burial fund to care for South Dakotans’ mortal remains this week:

(psst.. if it’s that big a deal to you, buy a funeral plan. More free market, less socialism).

And on the other side of the aisle, Tim Bjorkman is arranging lunch with supporters:

Stay tuned….

26 Replies to “What were the candidates doing this past week?”

  1. Charlie Hoffman

    Great seeing all the positive politicking happening this summer out on South Dakota’s family driven highways. We are on most of America’s “Bucket List” places to visit.

    I should have warned my friend Tim Bjorkman to be very shrewd around anything doing with the Sultan from Fulton.
    Getting thrown under the Full Nelson’s bus is guaranteed.
    Sorry Sir!

  2. grudznick

    If Mr. Nelson leeches onto Mr. Bjorkman’s campaign, it is probably toast like a bread slice burned too long over a fire. It would be sad to see a seemingly reasonable individual get sucked into the pool of insaner than most.

    This free burial thing sounds like a good deal though. How can one contribute a small bit but get the full benefit out of it?

    1. Tara Volesky

      I think Judge Bjorkman is going to get many Republican and Independent votes. He will represent SD not just an elite group of people. I don’t think you will see him doing $1000 DOLLAR FUNDRAISERS.

      1. Dave R

        That is fascinating insight into what Republicans will do from a Democrat. Wait til I tell everybody!

          1. Anon

            “Remember, he was a circuit court Judge”.

            What does that prove? Do you think judges don’t ever play favorites?

  3. Anonymous

    Nelson won election last fall with a huge percentage. Mr Hoffman should have been more conservative and more reliable and he might have enjoyed the same success.

  4. Tara Volesky

    Nelson is doing a great job grilling the Gear-up and MCEC scandal. Tune into the GOAC. That guy is good.

  5. Tara Volesky

    SD public radio. He is uncovering all kinds of corruption. Can’t believe the GOAC is pensive on this. Nelson is kicking A$$.

        1. Anonymous

          no by real conservatives…not ones who stand with Democrats at press conferences, hide int he bathroom on tough votes and only attacks Republicans

          1. Anonymous

            Is it me or do all the establishment R I N O attacks make Nelson more popular with regular South Dakotans? He had the highest winning percentage in a contested race last fall. Thats after the governor black balled him and put out robocalls for Nelson’s opponent.

            Nelson voted and spoke on the bill twice, only dishonest “former” Iowa Democrats push that lie.

              1. Anonymous

                I agree WD…Nelson claims to be a conservative but all he does is hurt the conservative cause. What he continues to not get (or care) is it is the conservatives not the RINOs who think he is a disgrace.

  6. Anon

    Noem was also at an Activation Ceremony for Guard members in Pierre and speaking about human trafficking at an event with Vargo


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