What's Daugaardcare?

Certain strains of the Tea Party are going off the rails.

From my inbox:


The 2012 Legislature is in session.

A Repeal SB38 (Obamacare) Bill will be introduced.

The Governor is straddling the fence, but has said that he will sign the Repeal Bill if it is passed.  He has also said he would favor repeal if Obamacare is declared unconstitutional.  But he has not said what he would do if Obambcare is repealed by congress or if waivers are offered to states. And his Planning Group continues to plan for state run health care, (just in case?). (Most people do not know that South Dakota began health care planning way back in 2007, when Governor Rounds and Senator Tom Daschle got their heads together and applied for some Federal Grant money.  Then Lieutenant Governor Daugaard was put in charge of this Zaniya Project. )

Government controlled health care is the cornerstone of the Socialist State.  I am not willing to risk my freedom and that of my children and grandchildren on the word of a politician; I want it in writing.

The voters of South Dakota have put Republicans in control of both houses of the state legislature and the Governorship.  Governor Daugaard is the key; if he wants to Repeal SB38, he just has to say the word.

Please contact the Governor and your legislators.   (See attachment for info/handout.)

Governor Daugaard has never once said he supported Obamacare. None of the Republican legislators in South Dakota want Obamacare. This is nonsense. If any of you have attended one of the meetings where caring tea party members attempt to articulate this message you will realize it is as convuluted and apocalyptic as the last few episodes of Glenn Beck’s TV show. When did the SD tea party turn from focusing on small government economic issues to conspiracy theories that drive a wedge between fellow conservatives?

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  1. Anonymous

    The TP has left me. I loved the TP. If Stace Nelson was the leader instead of Gordon Howie I would be on board still.

  2. insomniac

    I attended the Tea Party meeting when Barb Lindberg was pushing this to go on the ballot and couldn’t follow a bit of her slide show. She also struggled to answer most of the questions the audience had. When the audience left they were confused and upset with Daugaard, Rounds and Dusty.

    It was a big mess!

  3. Troy Jones

    Most Republicans are approaching Obamacare with “repeal and replace” positions because the voter wants a solution for greater access to coverage and lower cost. One of the ideas advocated by many Republicans under their “replace” ideas contain exchanges and allowing health insurance to sold and purchased across state lines.

    Is SB38 the one that is about exchanges? If it is, I wonder if this is the sword these people want to fall on.

    1. Anonymous

      This is an issue that hurts the tea party because almost every republican in the legislature voted to pass the law.

  4. Anon

    Healthcare reform is not wholly a bad thing. The issue that has the Tea Party in a frenzy is the blatant abuse of federalism that comes with the Federal mandate of Obamacare. This should be a state issue. South Dakota and many other states would be wise to look toward Utah and the exchange program they have established there. Healthcare reform without a mandate. What a great concept.

  5. Gary Jerke

    Troy Jones asked a very good question. Will someone in the know please answer it. I would like a simple explanation on if the Republican Party wants Obama Care repealed how does SB38 move us in that direction or does it in any way further the stages of the implementation of ObamaCare. Please be specific. I want answers and I don’t care who it comes from.


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