What's next for Jeff Barth?

The rumor going around is that Barth will now seek the Democratic Party’s second PUC nomination and run against Chris Nelson. Matt McGovern is currently the only announced candidate running for an SDDP PUC nomination, and he is seeking the nomination to run against Kristie Fiegen.

How would Jeff Barth fare as a PUC candidate? Didn’t he say somewhere he spent 30 years in the telecomunications industry?

I’m sure 28% of the vote in the primary wasn’t exactly the launching pad he was hoping for. The rubber chicken in his video had a better take off. However, the crash landings were about equal.

2 Replies to “What's next for Jeff Barth?”

  1. Les

    Matt who? I wouldn’t add to the fiction BC. Matt Rowen maybe? Good kid? Maybe. Wouldn’t make bump on gramps donkey and Geo didn’t ride anyones coattails(donkey) to become successful.

    Go back to Michigan Matt Rowen and run for, not away from something back there.


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